Asked on Oct 13, 2019

How do I cover outdoor wood stairs?

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Previous owner covered wood front door step with aluminum sheet and carpeting we removed carpeting and have aluminum step trying to find something to cover. Any ideas

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  • Kelli L. Milligan
    Kelli L. Milligan
    on Oct 13, 2019

    Can you just replace it?

  • Zard Pocleeb
    Zard Pocleeb
    on Oct 13, 2019

    You could tile but you’d have to remove the sheet metal because the mortar won’t stick to it.

  • Jewellmartin
    on Oct 13, 2019

    At home improvement stores like Home Depot, you can buy plastic or rubber thresholds that are milder into specifics and others that come as a roll so that you can mold them over existing steps or thresholds. They can be nailed, stapled or glued on place. This might be your solution. Jewell

  • Betsy
    on Oct 13, 2019

    Hi Patricia: Not knowing your location, you may want to cover that aluminum before things get really slippery and you are covering it with your back! I would get something slip proof, like maybe a different colour of outdoor carpeting and matching treads. Do you know if the wood under the aluminum is safe? See if you can check on that before you go ahead and put a bandage on a potential problem.

    Good luck

  • Unique Creations By Anita
    Unique Creations By Anita
    on Oct 17, 2019

    Rubber strips for the steps is an idea.

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