How can I deal with condensation in my bathroom?


My rented ground-floor flat has a Bathroom which is an add-on room built onto the back of the building. It has double-glazed windows, but is very damp with the daily addition of slugs on the wall tiles and lino flooring. I purposely do not have visitors because of this, nor do I have long relaxing soaks in the bath, which I would love to have. Before I moved in (2015), someone had painted the tiles in a pale blue paint, which peels off in shards, especially during the cold weather.rI am at a loss as to remedy this, as I believe it could be quite a cost little room. It houses a bath, a sink and a toilet.When running a bath, the condensation runs down the walls, and is held there for hours and hours until the next time I run a bath. In fact the walls do not get the chance to dry out at all.I have thought about buying/renting a humidifier, if this is the way to go with it. I really like this flat and have been looking at other rentals to get away from it. The whole house where my flat is in does not have central heating; it has the typical and costly wall heaters in each room, but I just cannot afford them to be put on, as I am not able to work due to ill-health.The top two flats have had internal wall insulation done, and my flat has yet to be done; I have had to delay the work due to ill-health.Could someone please, please, give me some good advice.

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