1. Tile Over Tile for a Stylish Bathroom Centerpiece

If you already have perfectly good tile walls in your bathroom, you can simply add more tile on top to give it an upgrade, as this Hometalker has done. Leaving her original bathroom tiles untouched, she simply built a frame and laid down some gorgeous mother-of-pearl and glass mosaic tiles into it. The result is this stylish centerpiece.  Get tutorial here

2. Use Beehive Bathroom Wall Tiles to Upgrade Your Home

This aesthetically minded Hometalker has opted for a two-pronged approach, using complementary yet distinct bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles to create this sleek, contemporary look. They used white and grey honeycomb tiles to create the beehive style on the floor, whilst opting for rectangular subway tiles on the wall to complement the floor design.  Get tutorial here

3. How Simple Tile Walls Can Bring a Tired Bathroom Back to Life

These Hometalkers were tired of their faded, 1980s wall tiles. To remedy this, they armed themselves with a grout removal blade and a hammer in order to destroy the old design completely. They then applied some adhesive with a trowel and added in the gorgeous mosaic glass penny tiles you see here. To finish, the tiles were buffed to perfection.  Get tutorial here

4. Carrara Marble Shower Wall Tiles for Timeless Luxury

These busy Hometalkers were able to re-do their entire bathroom and place new shower wall tiles within 6 weeks flat. While retaining their beloved IKEA sink and mirror, they opted for a touch of decadence with some genuine Carrara tiles, straight from Italy. If you love your bathroom as much as these Hometalkers, Carrara is the way to go.  Get tutorial here

5. Build a Luxury Walk-in Shower with Pebble Wall Tiles

No walk-in spa shower is complete without the right stone tiles. These Hometalkers advise to always tile the floor of the walk-in shower first, and leave it to set for 24 hours before tiling the shower walls. Also, you'll want to ensure the shower wall tiles are completely clear and free of grout, as these kinds of stone tiles may deteriorate if you don't.  Get tutorial here

6. Elegant Country-Style Mosaic Tiles for Your Bathroom

This Hometalker wanted to add a touch of old-world glamor to her bathroom with some mosaic tiles. The first and most important step was to add a waterproof membrane before tiling that reached 3 feet above the tub, then she applied two feet of subway tiles. She topped off the rest with a mosaic trim for the gorgeous look you see before you.  Get tutorial here

7. A Simple and Quick Upgrade with a Few Bathroom Wall Tiles

If you would rather add to your existing wall tiles rather than rip them all out and start afresh, there are plenty of quick and easy upgrades you can do. These savvy Hometalkers added a layer of adhesive above their 3/4 high tiled shower wall, which they then filled with ceramic bathroom wall tiles from Home Depot. After leaving to dry for 3 days, their new look was complete.  Get tutorial here

8. Nordic Bliss with Wooden Bathroom Wall Tiles

All the rage in those impossibly stylish Nordic capitals like Copenhagen and Helsinki, wooden bathroom wall tiles are a way to effortlessly bring the elements of nature into your home. This Hometalker's scenic bathroom was created with some Belleville Bourbon Wood Look Tile and some rustic copper elements for the final touches. Make sure that you're using finished and varnished wood to avoid water damage. Get tutorial here

9. An Elegantly Minimalist Shower Wall Tile

A simple way to revamp your bathroom is with just a few large slabs of porcelain tile that can be easily installed in one day. All you need to do is apply a thick layer of mortar to your blank wall and place the slabs over it. Remember that you'll need to copy this Hometalker if you're using large slabs by using a diamond drill bit to cut holes for faucets.  Get tutorial here

10. Use Glass Wall Tiles for an Ultra-Modern Statement Wall

Your bathroom wall tiles can also be used to make a dramatic style statement if placed strategically. This stunning accent wall would not look out of place in a luxury hotel, but this Hometalker did it with some glass tiles from Lowes and plenty of determination. The process is a painstaking one for sure, but it's clear that the payoff is more than worth it.  Get tutorial here

11. Use a Stencil to Revamp Your Old Bathroom Wall Tiles

You don't even need to buy new bathroom tile walls to transform the room. Do as these Hometalkers did and simply stencil over your existing ones. The only tools they used were a stencil bought from Etsy, some painter's tape to hold the stencil in place, and a foam roller the apply the paint. They chose Dixie Belle's Drop Cloth as the color, which clearly works well.   Get tutorial here

12. A Beginner's Guide to Kitchen Wall Tiles

Of course, beautiful tile walls are just as necessary for your kitchen. If you're adding kitchen wall tiles for the first time, remember to remove the range hood and sconces before covering the oven with cardboard as this will stop you from ruining them with mortar or glue. You should also use a wax pencil to easily mark your kitchen tiles for cuts.  Get tutorial here

13. Use Peel and Stick Wall Tile for an Instant Makeover

Finally, if cutting and laying your own tiles seems like too much work, you can always opt for peel and stick wall tile for an instant and easy makeover. You can shape the tile with a simple box cutter or mallet and chisel, and lay much larger pieces at a time with relative ease. You can also prime and paint your peel-and-stick tiles just like any other, with ease and efficiency.  Get tutorial here

14. Fishscale Kitchen Wall Tiles Add Light and Space

These Hometalkers went in a more unconventional direction, using some beautiful handmade Moroccan Fishscale tiles to inject to airiness and atmosphere into their kitchen. Given the practical challenges of this particular design as opposed to square tiles, they emphasize that it is crucial to order 15 percent more tile than you think you need, as you will need to do a lot of cutting. Get tutorial here

15. Sleek and Stylish Kitchen Wall Tiles on a Tight Budget

These budget-conscious Hometalkers demonstrate that you can have a contemporary and luxurious kitchen wall tiling without having to break the bank. To decorate their wall, they opted for off-white subway tiles, bought for a bargain from Amazon. In addition, they used a standard grey grouting to prepare the wall for the tiles. Although this is a budget kitchen wall tile, you certainly cannot tell the difference.  Get tutorial here