How can I create a bar top without building along the whole wall?


Good day, we are in the process of redoing our basement and looking to add a bar. The space previously had more of a kitchen space with counter height cabinets and some walls that we have removed. Ideally, we would like to add a bar with bar height seating. We don't want to move the location because the space is already plumbed for a wet bar. The problem is the space is tight and limited because it is next to our door to outside / walk out. I've tried searching for ideas online, but anyone seen any or has ideas for how to create a bar top without taking it all the way to the wall/end (to leave room for the door)? The best idea I've seen is something like this: this make sense what we are trying to do? Any creative ideas?

Update: I have drawn up a diagram of the space I envision. I don't have to have a corner unit cabinet, but if we went with the extra storage, which would be nice, it would take us all the way to the door. And that would not allow us to go all the way to the wall with the bar top/overhang. We are exploring all options and this is one. I'm looking for ideas! Other ideas are of course, removing the corner cabinet and bringing the bar closer to the exterior wall so the bar top can run the full length of the bar. Another is adding cabinets to the two exterior walls and having a free standing island bar away from the cabinets. We are open to all ideas!

q basement bar next to door ideas requested
q basement bar next to door ideas requested
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