Asked on Feb 22, 2020

How can I repair or make over this backsplash?

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I hope someone more creative than me can come up with a solution. When I replaced my counters the people who installed the new counters ripped some of the Sheetrock off the wall where the old backsplash was. I tried fixing the surface but it looks terrible and I ended up painting it and saying I would do something Well 6 years later I’m still staring at it I need a low cost solution to hiding the area where the old backsplash was Please help! I added a picture if you zoom in you will see a discoloration and uneven terrain

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  • Redcatcec
    on Feb 22, 2020

    Here's some suggestions from Bob Vila:

    I have seen tin ones at the diy stores that look nice.

    Personally I like the one with the cut up CD's for my kitchen, I am planning to take our cupboards down and put up shelves with this a a back splash.

  • Rymea
    on Feb 22, 2020

    i can't see the imperfections you are referring to but It would look good painted the same creamy off white as the background of the countertop.

  • Enza
    on Feb 22, 2020

    The imperfections show through the paint I’ll try and get a closer picture of the area it stretches the entire length of the counter

  • Jan Clark
    on Feb 22, 2020

    Hometalk just had a DIY peel and stick tile back splash tutorial. It looked fabulous. You can cut-to-fit the tiles and it will cover any imperfections in the wall. Plus, there are LOTS of choices. Check it out.

  • Vimarhonor
    on Feb 22, 2020

    Hello! Would you consider stenciling over the backsplash. That might disguise and hide the troublesome area?

  • Pat
    on Feb 22, 2020

    I wold put up subway tile the color of the background of your counter. Or bead board but that would be hard to keep clean with it having groves. Even peel and stick tile might work. Since your counter has a busy pattern, I would want something plain (not small glass tiles) on the back splash. Good luck.

  • Dee
    on Feb 23, 2020

    Lowes, Home Depot and Floor and Decor sell peel and stick backsplash tiles. They are easy to cut with scissors or razor and that would solve your problem.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Feb 24, 2020

    If you are going to be there a long time, I would go ahead and bite the bullet for a nice timeless backsplash like tile. It's not a difficult job to do, just screw up cement board then glue up the tile & grout when the glue is done. If you go that route, re post for detailed help with tiling.

    You can use flooring to give it a wood look. Bead board is another wood option but you will want to paint with a highly scrubbable paint.

  • Lucky Home Today
    on Feb 27, 2020

    You could do a quick repaint, stick on decorative tins, stick on tiles or even regular tiles. Have you looked at Pinterest for inspiration? You might find a few ideas there, too.

  • Lindsay Aratari
    on Feb 27, 2020

    You could do peel and stick wall paper?

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