Aggregate patio separators need replacement?


Hello, Cindy here again. Our back patio surrounds the pool, which has several expanders needing replacement. Currently, the slats are wood, but after many years, have rotted out, or are gone completely. I figure, just measure each slat of wood necessary, cut to size, and use some form of outdoor adhesive glue or cement, Make sure to prep each empty area, so I felt it was a quick, easy job. My husband says we need to fill with some type of a silicone type glue, filling in each empty separator hole up even with the aggregate patio floor. In my mind, I see white tooth paste replacing the wood. That sounds cheap-looking to me. My Hub is smart and must have a reason, so I put to you the 2 option or any other idea anyone can offer. I will be doing the work so, cross my fingers, it really shouldn't be hard whatever is suggested. Thanks. Cindy,

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