Asked on Dec 17, 2020

How to make porcelain absorbent.



We have white ceramic tile in our bathroom, but the baseboard is porcelain tile. I'd like to stain the ceramic tile a fresh color, but the porcelain would need to be abraded someway to accept the stain. In this picture you can see the baseboard where it is a backsplash to the vanity. Any ideas? Thank you

2 answers
  • William
    2 hours ago

    Can't stain it but you can paint it with an epoxy paint. It won't accept stain.

  • Dee
    Just now

    Tile is not porous so it will not accept stain. There are kits from Giani and Rustoleum where you can paint the tile to look like granite and even paint the sink to match. Check out the kits, you may love changing it all. Good luck

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