Hi there,all the lighting has gone out in the house and it càn take 8/9 hours to charge my phone.I hope it doesn't need a full rewire because I cannot afford it.Any ideas,tips on how to fix this situation at a manageable figure as I won't be able to sort it if it costs loads.

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  • Rymea Rymea on Feb 12, 2021

    You are saying the lights are out but the outlets work to charge your phone? That must mean either every light fixture is bad or they need new bulbs or the breakers are tripped.

    • Parvez Parvez on Feb 12, 2021

      Hiya,it's nothing to do with changing the light bulbs.If the problem is the breakers,any idea about the cost.Thanks for your advice and quick response.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Feb 12, 2021

    I'm a bit confused as to how all the overhead lights are out but you can charge your phone, however it takes longer than usual. Check with the power company. You may be experiencing a brown out. Everything had reduced wattage into the house and it fried my fridge panel.

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    • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Feb 15, 2021

      A brown out is when you have power but it is insufficient to supply your needs. Lamps will be dim. This term is used in the way black out is used to describe a total lack of power. It is horrible for your electrical system. Your power supplier should be able to check it. Also, talk to neighbors and see if they have any similar experiences.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 12, 2021

    Have you checked your circuit breaker box? Are any or all the breakers tripped?

    If nothing is tripped, it might be you have loose wires at the box. Another common problem could be something called the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, to fix this there is a reset button that needs to click to reset, this is to prevent electrocution and restore power to the outlet and those downstream of it.

    It is not uncommon for lighting to be on 1 circuit and the outlets on another, which may explain why you are having this problem.

    Check these things out and see if it helps, other than that you may need an electrician. Best to you.

    • Parvez Parvez on Feb 12, 2021

      Hiya redcatcec,thanks for your input.It sounds like it could be 1 of 3/4 different things.Do you think it's gonna cost a lot or is it just a tidy up job.

  • Janice Janice on Feb 12, 2021

    Check with your neighbors to see if they are experiencing the same problem, then call your power company and describe what is occurring. Then take it from there, they can provide you a bit better advice than us.

    • Parvez Parvez on Feb 12, 2021

      Hiya Janice,ta for your advice.1 thing you've suggested is to tell my supplier about the problem cos I would have thought that it was nothing that my supplier would deal with.Thanks Janice.

  • FrugalFamilyTimes.com FrugalFamilyTimes.com on Feb 12, 2021

    If you're renting - be sure to call your landlord to fix this! If you're a homeowner, call the power company - there's something serious going on here.

    • Parvez Parvez on Feb 12, 2021

      Hiya frugalfamilytimes,thanks for your response but I hope it's not as bad as you suggest.

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 12, 2021

    Are you renting or do you own the place?

    Have you talked to any of your neighbors to see if they have a similar problem?

    Have you called the electric company?

    You must have some power if you can charge your cell phone.

    • Parvez Parvez on Feb 12, 2021

      Hiya movie,ta for your help.I do have some power but it's tardy.Ive had a few probs with the freezer section also.I just need to contact my supplier to see if they can help.If not,I'll have to get some quotes sorted.

  • This sounds like something a professional needs to look at for safety reasons.

    • Parvez Parvez on Feb 12, 2021

      Hiya Ann,ta for your message.Ive got a couple of other ideas to try first but I'll probably end up going down the pro route.Ta Ann.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Feb 12, 2021

    did you call your electric provider to ask them what the problem is or to have them come out and check your house?

    • Parvez Parvez on Feb 12, 2021

      Hiya Cheryl,ta for your advice.A few other people are on the same thought process as yourself.Thanks Cheryl.

  • Betsy Betsy on Feb 12, 2021

    Hi Parvez: Have you checked the fuses or panel box? You may just need a new fuse or the breakers may have flipped. If you check outside where your wires go into the box or to the pole, you may find that squirrels, raccoons or something has chewed through the wiring. If so, the electric company can fix that. I'd call them and have them check on this. You may just be overloading some of your circuits, what with the fridge and all. What else do you have plugged in with the fridge? Sometimes you can have too many things on one circuit and it blows a fuse. If you have power in some places and not others, the problem sounds like a fuse or a breaker is tripped. Fuses cost a couple of bucks, and a breaker, well, you just flip it back into place :)

    Good luck

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    • Betsy Betsy on Feb 14, 2021

      Ah Chuck, you make me blush :) Did you get the problem fixed? I noticed that you asked about a 'brown out' and what that was. That's when the entire neighbourhood looses power. That didn't seem to be your problem as you had some lights on. When my power box, with the breakers, trips, or they flip out of their regular place because of some surge in power or something, they don't always flip all of the way out. So, I just push all of them in place to be sure. If you have fuses, take one out and you will see a piece of silver, or gold, going across the centre of the glass part on the inside of the top. If it is solid, then that fuse is o.k. If it's broken or looks burned, that one is bad and needs to be replaced. There will be a number on the bottom, where the copper button is It's the part that screws into the fuse box. The number is usually a 15, 20, 30, etc. Only replace the fuse with a like number. If you take a 15 out, only put a 15 back in. DIY is a lot of fun for me, and I bet if you get into it, you will learn to love it, too. Especially when you find out how much money you can save! Whenever someone came to fix something at my home, I was right over their shoulder asking questions and learning everything I could. But, if you don't care for DIY, we are always here for you and are willing to help as best as we can, so ask away, but learn when you have the opportunity :) Let me know how your situation turns out.

  • Annie Annie on Feb 13, 2021

    Not too sure what you mean? Like all of a sudden there is no power in your whole house?