A handy terracotta pot side table

Flip a spray painted terracotta plant upside down with its saucer on top, and add a rustic rope accent for a handy side table for next to your outdoor chaise. Get tutorial here

This tiled cinder block bench

Cover wood with tile pieces, and then stick them through cinder blocks to make a sturdy bench for your porch. Get tutorial here

A cute low garden table

Assemble a low wooden table for your garden out of multicolored slats. Get tutorial here

This clever concrete tabletop

Lay pavers as your tabletop on the perfect coffee table for your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

A rustic pallet coffee table

Screw hairpin legs to a stained pallet for a beautiful rustic coffee table to enhance your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

This high-end dining table

Build a brand new table with decorative framing lumber, complete with matching benches to add a high-end look to your outdoor dining experience. Get tutorial here

A stylish L-shaped bench

Construct a bench with a dark stained seat and a fresh, white frame to add a stylish touch to your space. Get tutorial here

This beautiful, large outdoor table

Give your table a unique look with legs in the shape of an X and a beautiful stained finish. Get tutorial here

An easy and affordable bar

Place your outdoor bar against your hot tub or wherever you need extra space for food and drinks. Get tutorial here

This gorgeous epoxy patio table

Make a new, beautiful tabletop for your coffee table using wood and epoxy with LED lights in it. Get tutorial here

A simple farmhouse table

Assemble a simple dining table from scratch in just a few hours to add a farmhouse vibe to your space. Get tutorial here

This simple, comfortable chair

Fit your space with a simple, customized wooden chair with comfy cushions on it. Get tutorial here

A spiffy cinder block bench

Add extra outdoor seating with a spiffy bench made up of stacked cinder blocks. Get tutorial here

This recycled wine barrel fire table

Get creative by building a fire table out of a recycled wine barrel and wire spool. Get tutorial here

A comfy porch swing bed

Hang a swing bed from your porch for a comfy place to relax outdoors. Get tutorial here

These simple patio seats

Construct a simple wooden bench and chair for your patio to add seating that fits your space perfectly. Get tutorial here

A cute concrete side table

Pour a small concrete tabletop to create a cute side table to complement your outdoor decor. Get tutorial here

These attractive pallet chairs

Use two pallets to create two beautiful and functional chairs to add attractive seating to your garden. Get tutorial here

This lovely crib-turned-bench

Turn a crib into a porch bench frame, and then add cushions for a comfortable place to sit. Get tutorial here

This personalized concrete table

Fit a concrete tabletop to a simple, painted base, and then add a simple stencil design to the top to give it some character. Get tutorial here