Asked on Jul 31, 2012

ANSI or other standard for bathtub size?

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I have a small claims matter in which a contractor claims that "standard tub size" is 60"x30". I see 60"x32" is very common. Does anyone have any standard (ANSI or otherwise) which establishes the size or indicates that either is typical. My direct email is if you want to send me anything. THANKS!!!
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  • Kevin, if its a soaking tub the standard is 32 inches. If it is a standard tub its 30 inches wide. However that is not always the case. I know of no standard that requires a tub to be a set size. But those are the most common available. And of course you can still get other special sizes depending upon type and manufacture producing it. Also here is a link to check out. Towards the bottom is a list of numbers you can contact perhaps to send you in the direction your looking for. But I think there is no standard on size, only on piping and design criteria. You may also want to check with the manufacture of a brand. As they may be able to point you in a direction to get the answer. I am sure you can find help lines with all the major manufactures on their web sites. Here is one for Kohler tubs they have a 800 number. I am sure they never had this question before. Should prove interesting.

  • Thanks Woodbridge! I'll check them out. A quick search of one of the big box store websites also indicated a variety of sizes.

  • There is no "standard" tub size which is why most remodelers & contractors spell out the actual dimensions...then there is no least not on size

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