What can I do with this freestanding stove area

30 years I have looked at this brick and never liked the color. What can I do besides repaint?
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  • Z Z on Nov 25, 2014
    Do you feel it's too dark, too brown, or just what do you not like about it? I personally think it's very charming. I would love something like this in my little barn which will someday be my get away cottage.
  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Nov 26, 2014
    If you don't want to paint the brick, then perhaps some type of surface you could put over it? Tiles, stacked quarry stone, something to update it? Or perhaps just "white-wash" the brick, not a thick coat of paint but just some dry-brushing to lighten it up a bit. The other thing you might consider is extending it up to the ceiling so that the black pipe isn't standing isolated in the center. Perhaps some wainscoting or pine planks to keep the eye moving up ward. I notice you have very dark curtains, which only darkens that corner. Perhaps lighten those up and also the little rug you have in front of the stove. If I were going to stack logs there, I would make them birch because they are lighter and put in a large light-colored vessel-basket or bin or whatever. But keep the kitties-they're cute!
  • Lori Bauer Lori Bauer on Nov 26, 2014
    I personally love your brick, how about a custom mantel to give it life, They are fun to build.
    • Elizabeth Poteat Elizabeth Poteat on Dec 12, 2014
      @Lori Bauer I think this is a great idea. You can leave your mirrors if you like and on the mantel add some colorful pieces to bring the color in.
  • Jean Jean on Nov 26, 2014
    I have a very similar area with a wood stove and I am planning on putting up Airstone. They can be found at Home Depot and Lowes has a similar product. You can up it all the way up the wall giving a rustic modern look. I have hardwood floors so we have a special black tray like mat under the stove, I would love to put some complementary slate on the floor to go with the Airstone. The Airstone is really light and easy to put up, you can also do another wall or backsplash in the same area or kitchen.
  • Mary T Mary T on Nov 26, 2014
    I love the way it looks now. I especially like the double sides. I can visualize just sitting by the stove "warming".
  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Nov 26, 2014
    I couldn't tell if this was wood or gas, but our corner stove (gas) doesn't require a heat resistant surround - in fact, that's where the cat sleeps on his pillow! If you are unsure, I would definitely start by trying a wash/drybrush etc. It is SO easy to do, and will give you an idea if a colour change can do it foryou, and is cheap! On the high end, you can rip out the brick, run wainscotting around your room and spring for a stove that doesn't require the insulation. Then add a cat, and your room will look just like the one I'm in now!
  • Barbara Burnham Barbara Burnham on Nov 26, 2014
    You could reach the brick with tile/travertine or make the floor solid and create a tile mosaic on the wall. Mastic and grout. ...no tile cutter needed if you mosaic it to be a random design or scene.
  • Comet Comet on Nov 26, 2014
    I would use something different to surround the brick--something that covers the side walls and goes to the ceiling. And lose those mirrors! They seem very distracting and like giant holes in the walls--not the look you are going for I expect! The color of the bricks can act as a neutral so you could use almost any other color or paneling to surround AND do a mantle also---I had an old farmhouse that had a free standing hearth made out of old recycled bricks and we used some barn boards to do a mantle shelf surround. You can then use that for display also. In a different part of that house we had a full recycled brick chimney wall with a fireplace with a wood stove insert--this had an old chestnut wooden beam as a mantle. The walls around this were old old wood that had been part of a carriage barn at a local church--the patina on these was amazing and really added to the look of the room. Some paneling with a groove or routed pattern in it vertically would change things up immensly.
  • Julie Yeary Julie Yeary on Nov 26, 2014
    I like it too. Maybe paint he area above it. Change out the nick nacks with something colorful and the mirrors with colorful paintings that you love.
  • Wendy Barden Wendy Barden on Nov 26, 2014
    Paint the brick a lighter color with heat safe paint , maybe ? I would make this area my winter's focal point as well . Color is what that area is craving : }'s
  • Kelly S Kelly S on Nov 26, 2014
    I agree with @Jean . Your free standing stove appears to be wood so you will need heat resistant materials due to the fire code. Either cover it with materials like she suggests, rip it out all together and replace it the proper material or use a high heat rated paint to cover it. I like the brick style but I'm not fond of the reddish color so I would tone it down with a white or grey wash. Good luck and post pictures of your finished project.
  • Margaret Margaret on Nov 28, 2014
    Thank you all for the ideas and suggestions. Many good replies.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Nov 29, 2014
    I like it and wouldn't change it. I also like the balance from the two mirrors. Maybe adding a mantle would change the look if you need a change. Or you could replace the mirrors with art for a change. Or change the colour of the walls.
  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Nov 29, 2014
    A mantle is good! Make sure it is thick enough to balance all that brick.Maybe you could hang a set of shiny brass tools (poker. broom etc) on the brick to help break it up a bit. Or if your into it, horse brasses or a decorative plate. There ar very convenient hooks that grab ont the face of a brick, I've forgotten the name...
  • Kelly Christianson Kelly Christianson on Nov 29, 2014
    I totally feel your pain... I had Z-Brick in my kitchen that my mom installed 35 years ago when it was her house, and I really got tired of looking at it. Last year I finally painted it, and put tin ceiling tiles across the backsplash. Now I see white walls instead of brick and I love it! Maybe painting it or refacing the brick with river rock panels would make it different enough to forget the brick. They are inexpensive and last quite a long time.
  • Lori Lori on Dec 12, 2014
    Dear Margaret, I have to ask you this, so please forgive me. If you have hated that brick for 30 years, what on earth have you got against painting it? It is mud and sand and you hate it. It's not like you don't want to paint a precious antique, right. My goodness girl, paint is the answer to almost anything. There, I said it. Now, if money is no object I'd consider covering the whole thing with a lovely lighter porcelain tiles, the new ones that measure approx 8 or 10 X 18 or 24 and offset them. Good luck Margaret.
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