How to Park Your Car in the Garage and Hit the Mark Every Time

Is the space for the car a tight fit in your garage where every inch counts? Here's an easy way to get the car in the right spot every time ...
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      • 3po3
        on Jan 8, 2013

        I made one of these for my parents' garage, and they love it. Much cheaper than those little sensor systems.

        • Hewitt Remodeling Services LLC
          Hewitt Remodeling Services LLC Virginia Beach, VA
          on Jan 8, 2013

          We always had one of these installed in our garage..back when we had room in the garage for a vehicle. They worked great for parking the car...but the tough part was to keep the kids from "playing" with it when the car wasn't parked there...especially when they were going thru the t-ball stage...:)