Asked on Feb 01, 2018

How to hide soap dish?

Pennie Collins
by Pennie Collins
In my apartment tub/shower there is this ugly, corroded soap holder. It can’t be removed without taking out the wall! I thought about drilling a few holes in it (there’s no drainage!). But it’s SO ugly! Suggestions? Please! 😩
q how to hide soap dish
Ugly on top!
q how to hide soap dish
Ugly on the bottom! No screws to remove, either.
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  • 2dogal 2dogal on Feb 01, 2018
    This is an an apartment - you are renting. This item is attached to the wall. You cannot remove it without an OK from your landlord or rental company. Call Them.
    BTW: It's probably attached the same way a toilet paper holder is attached....

    • Pennie Collins Pennie Collins on Feb 05, 2018
      I looked for that tiny sunken screw that is usually on these things, but it was smooth, 😳 The worst I can do is improve it! 😄

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Feb 01, 2018
    REfresh it with a metal paint, you could still drill holes for drainage if you want....are you sure that it isnt like a floating shelf with hidden fastenings though?

  • Gracie Gracie on Feb 01, 2018
    They sell paint for metal.

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Feb 01, 2018
    Find something plastic that is interesting. Cut it so it will fit over it. Slice the side and cut a piece out. Like a plastic cup - thin. Place it upside down. Then use the top to put the soap. Sine this sounds like a rental, you really cannot do anything permanent, maybe not even paint it. I would speak to your landlord and see if they will fix it.

    • Pennie Collins Pennie Collins on Feb 05, 2018
      Thanks! I did ask them, but they still believe removing it will damage the wall!☹️I’m going to try to find something that will fit!

  • Caseyem11 Caseyem11 on Feb 01, 2018
    Sand it then use metal paint. I would not put soap directly on it, use a nail brush or something similar to put under the soap.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Feb 05, 2018

    The above shows directions to remove the holder. If this works, and there are any holes, how are you going to patch the holes? It looks like you have a fiberglass shower surround.

  • Darlene Clonts Darlene Clonts on Feb 05, 2018
    Clean it up and set your shampoo bottle on it