Do people like rain showers faucets in their bathroom showers

Are rain shower heads enjoyable

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  • The use of these shower heads are dependent upon the size of the shower area you are planning to use it on. Some of these heads are quite large, preventing you from moving out of the falling water spray making it difficult to lather up your hair or body. They also do not produce much pressure to rinse your hair of soap if its long and thick. You need really good water pressure to take advantage of these units. But I have seen them in all sorts of showers both tub types and full walk around shower only type. Its really a personal decision. I prefer the standard shower head with hand held shower wand on the side.
  • Maurene Donohue Maurene Donohue on Oct 22, 2014
    I love mine the shower is large enough that I can move around. My Grandsons 5 & 10 take more showers at my house because they love the feel of the soft water.
  • Petunia Petunia on Oct 22, 2014
    My husband thought he would love it. But he finds the downpour is not satisfying for the reason's you'd expect -- water pours over your head into your eyes. He mostly uses his traditional shower head.
  • I have had rain shower heads for about 10 years now and would not go back! It is about 6" across in my 5' walk in shower. I do not want a body ripping stream of water so I like the softness of the showerhead. I have long thick hair and rinsing is not really a problem. It may take a bit longer. I also put on a handheld for cleaning the shower as well which has made life easier when I have to scrub the shower.
  • Miriam Kearney Miriam Kearney on Oct 22, 2014
    I love my rain shower. Now mind you I also have a hand shower that is mounted on the wall and the best shower of all is a combination of these two. Only in a bath have I ever had the experience of being all of one temperature - never in a shower until now!
  • Jennie Gaskin Jennie Gaskin on Oct 22, 2014
    My parents had one, and I hated it. I'm short, and there's no way to get out from under it and still use it. Since it was stationary and out of my reach, there was no way for me to make it tilt.
  • Suzette Trimmer Suzette Trimmer on Oct 22, 2014
    LOVE LOVE LOVE mine and would never ever go back to any other kind. I have very long thick hair and shampooing has always been a challenge, my first and only concern when we installed ours was will there be enough water pressure to clean my hair properly? And the rain sensation delivers every time never ever a problem. It just feels so good, hated the straight shot of water every morning in my face this is like gentle rain soft and yet refreshing. And cleans thick heavy long hair very well.
  • Nancy Nancy on Oct 22, 2014
    Loved mine, but when we remodeled, couldn't find one in the finish I needed
  • Designs by BSB Designs by BSB on Oct 22, 2014
    Great question! But I'd like to encourage you to consider that not all rain heads are created equal! We are fortunate here in Atlanta that we have showrooms with working shower heads -- even manufacture showrooms like Hansgrohe, that allow design professions to bring their clients in to experience before they buy! REALLY! Ive done it -- what an eye opening experience -- even if I was wearing a bathing suit and chit chatting with other colleagues! May I encourage you to talk to a seasoned/educational professional -- they will help guide you, because the options are mind boggling! Fun for us .. possibly/often stressful for homeowners.
  • Cyndi Moore Tippett Cyndi Moore Tippett on Oct 22, 2014
    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. mine. I am selling my house and I am going to hate to have to leave it. Maybe I can talk hubby into buying another one. I have not experienced anything like it. Get one if you can....
  • Pat Haralson Pat Haralson on Oct 23, 2014
    We love ours. We have a large walk-in shower due to both of us getting older and finding it difficult to climb over the tub. We also had a separate handheld shower head placed on the adjacent side to use when we wanted to wash our hair or when a handheld was needed. We are very pleased with both of ours but especially love the rain shower head. As we got older, we like the gentle pattern of water instead of the pressure of a regular showerhead.
  • Beth Bourque Beth Bourque on Oct 26, 2014
    We incorporated one into the plans for our new house, but we ALSO added a second, hand help shower head. I love the rain style. It's soothing and luxurious, but I need the hand held to reach places that the rain head doesn't.
  • Janice Janice on Oct 13, 2023

    Rain showers feel wonderful but I prefer the adjustable kind that are affixed to the shower wall because I don't shampoo or want my hair wet from showering everyday. I think most men prefer rain showers.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Oct 13, 2023

    I've had them and generally prefer the adjustable kind from 1 central location that has different sprays...massaging, spot specific...also, I really like the hand held wand that can extend to the feet area. Being even more specific, with the remodel of our bathroom, from a tub removal to a walk in shower, we opted for the magnetic shower head. Truthfully, I don't care for that, much more preference to the one that you place in the the bracket, but the hand held is a must.