Does wallpaper need to be removed before tiling a bathroom wall ?

Marie Rother
by Marie Rother
I have an entire bathroom that is wallpapered yes , including the ceiling
do I need to remove the wallpaper before I tile ?

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  • Karen Elwell Karen Elwell on Oct 15, 2017

    Yes. Just spray the walls one at a time wait a few minutes then grab a corner of one sheet of wallpaper at a time and pull slowly and it should come off. I see this all the time on DYI shows. You can spray fabric softener or even water I have even seen them you steam .the last one is less messy .You can even rent a steamer just for wallpaper removal.

    • Marie Rother Marie Rother on Oct 15, 2017

      Lol tried everything all I’m doing is making a big mess out of the Sheetrock

  • Susan Whalen Susan Whalen on Oct 15, 2017

    It will fall taking the wallpaper with it if there is not a strong surface for it to adhere to.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 15, 2017

    I would, just because if there are any places where the glue is starting to get weak, the tile may not stay up on the wall. The wallpaper may give out and cause the tile to fall off.

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Oct 15, 2017

    Yes it does.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Oct 15, 2017

    I would tear down the wall paper, and start new. Buy a painter's tray, fill with hot water. Next you. might need a long handle to attach the roller. Put the roller in the hot water, and roll out to get excess water off the roller start

    from the bottom up, and then with a large putty knife scrape the wallpaper off. You need to scrub the glue off the walls, with a sponge and warn water. If you put the tile over the wallpaper, it will eventually come off the wall because of the moisture. Good Luck!

    • Marie Rother Marie Rother on Oct 15, 2017

      Second month trying all these methods

      that’s why I’m about to give up

      Let me also explain this is vinyl wallpaper I just not really wallpaper it rubbery

  • Mary Riva Mary Riva on Oct 15, 2017


  • Kar28903899 Kar28903899 on Oct 15, 2017

    PYes because the glue holding the wallpaper may not be strong enough to hold the tile.

  • S S on Oct 15, 2017

    if you are installing tile correctly with cement backer board made for this purpose you shouldn’t have to remove the wallpaper. The ceiling if you are going to paint then yes remove it. Sounds like you better spend some time researching proper tile installatinext or your tile may not hold up very well. It isn’t as easy as just slapping it on any old surface.

  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Oct 15, 2017

    Nope. Many of these links say the same thing so here is one that will help.

  • S S on Oct 15, 2017

    Just didn’t want you spending a lot of money only to have it not last!

  • Marie Rother Marie Rother on Oct 15, 2017

    Thank you so much this will really help

  • Marty Ayers Marty Ayers on Apr 25, 2023

    Definitely!... otherwise you are depending on the wallpaper glue to hold the tile on the wall.... you could install tile backer board over the wall paper (screwed into the studs.. of course) it is relatively thin... less than 1/4 inch and then install the tile

  • Mogie Mogie on May 07, 2023

    Yes it should be removed I know it is tempting to skip that step but don't it will be worth it.