How do I hang a soap dispenser on a textured tile wall?

Janice Fuger
by Janice Fuger

Any ideas how to hang a soap dispenser on a textured tile wall? I tried the tapes that came in the box but no luck . Maybe I need to learn how to drill through tile? Help!

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  • Bijous Bijous on Dec 06, 2018

    Hi. If this is going to be a permanent fixture in your home, use construction glue. Put a good bit on the back and using painter's tape hang the dispenser. It may take an extra set of hands to hold and the other one tape. After it dries, remove the tape. Give it at least a good 48 hours dry time. Good luck!

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Dec 06, 2018

    Dbl sided auto detail adhesive comes in different sizes & clear

  • Can you hand it from the shower curtain rod somehow?

  • Cindy Cindy on Dec 07, 2018

    There's an adhesive on the market made by Lock Tite. Apply it on the back and hold it in place for a minute or two. Let it dry overnight. Next day apply bathroom caulk around the entire piece.