How do I update bathrooms?


How do I remove shower/tub combo without cutting hole in wall? Also, what do I use to replace with a shower/ tub combo?.

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  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Aug 26, 2018

    San Hello. Try Bathfitters, they cover up everything, and it takes only one day. Depending on your budget, it cost about $ 3 thousand.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Aug 26, 2018

    Although I really do not fully understand what you are attempting to accomplish by Removing a Shower/Tub, seemingly, you need to rethink this, as quite earnestly and simply:

    1. If your plans entail moving the bath and shower to another room in the home, you should consider using the existing bathroom plumbing for use in a Laundry Room, atwhich all you need to do is cut off the Hot and Cold Water Pipes to tap those for use as the flow into your washer.

    2. Putting the washer and dryer atop a Platform that places over and around

    A. Where the Tub used to be


    B. Where the Tub stays after you remove the upper Shower Parts

    is much much easier:

    I. To do as a Project

    II. On the Back to load a front loading Washer and/or Dryer

    III. On the Legs and knees To load a Top Loading Washer

    than the Removal of the Tub, to place those on what will need to precede also by Either:

    A. a New Flooring Job too to cover the bare floor where the tub used to place


    B. A Smaller Platform to hide the flooring or lack thereof where the tub used to place.

    So basically, if I am reading you properly, you need to first rethink whether or not

    1. Do you really need to Move the Tub? or

    2. Do you just instead need to modify the floor plan slightly to integrate the Tub as Part of a Large Platform for placing a Washer/Dryer atop

    As simply:

    If you or any other resident in your home already have preexistent back, knee, or ankle pains, or problems, even only slightly, you should consider that the platform option is likely better in the long term, to ease the physical demands of those tasks on that preexistent condition.

    If you are Wonder Woman, or a Direct Descendant of Superman or the Incredible Hulk, [who debatedly never had to do laundry, but instead: just got angry with his always empty laundry basket and vast monthly clothing expenses] you might want to run up and down basement steps with a 40lb Load of Laundry and a 16 lb Comforter at least once every two weeks, when you're 60 to 80 years of Age rather than wholly embrace the European Standards of:

    A. a Laundry Room which is either Annexed to or Nearby the Washroom and Master Bedroom

    B. a Chute from the Bathroom to a First Story Laundry Center, [usually placed in an oversized Closet]

    Again, seemingly you have a bigger long-term decision to make than moving the Tub/Shower.

  • San32225844 San32225844 on Aug 26, 2018

    Actually, the bathtub/shower combo is green and very out of date. I want to simply replace it with another one in white. Thank you!

  • Joe Jones Joe Jones on Aug 27, 2018

    If it’s the old green iron combo I’m thinking it is there won’t be any Sheetrock or anything except studs behind it anyway. When we install the stubs and shower combo it’s done at rough in. They are just mounted to studs with Sheetrock screws there’s a 1/2-1” lip around the edge that’s covered by the Sheetrock. Just find the screws that will be covered with mud and tape and paint unscrew it and measure your tub and shower combo size that’s the rough in hole. At Lowe’s and Home Depot the fiberglass kits come as a whole tub and shower combo or 3 walls and a floor if you only want a shower. If the hole is too big you may have to fir the wall out or build a new short wall on the end opposite your drain. To shrink the hole to a square shower size. It’s not super expensive they range from $179-$600 plus shower valves and faucet for tub but it’s not horrible for the update you get.