Small 1/2 bathroom remodeling!

Hi there.This bathroom is 33x78 inches. This old outdated cabinet is 33 inches, which is not standard if I go to HomeDepot or Lowe's. What is the better choice here? pedestal sink?
If I end up putting 31 inches wide vanity I would see gaps on each side. What should I do with that 1 inch on each side of it?
In the situation with pedestal sink looks like I would need to mess with plumbing and fix dry wall in order to hide all the pipes behind the base. Which is more time consuming.
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  • Marianne Marianne on Dec 23, 2014
    I personally like the pedestal sink in my small bathroom. But I understand the mess you can get into with covering pipes and wiring. I would paint it white, change the hardware maybe a nice shiny chrome to blend with the mirror. Then decorate with small accent pieces in the colors of your choice. I have 2 small ceramic pictures in light green by my light switch, a light green trash can and a nice picture over the toilet. Simple and pleasing. With a striped hand towel in grn/blu/white on a chrome hand towel holder.

  • MaryStLouis MaryStLouis on Dec 23, 2014
    Instead of changing out the vanity I, too, think you should paint it. It's the easiest, least costly solution. You could replace the countertop, sink and faucet, perhaps wrap your mirror with a frame or replace it with something that has more character. If you decide to use a pedestal sink you could put in some storage over the toilet area, something like wire baskets. I like these from World Market: With any small space, it's fun to give it some personality. Depending on your taste, you can go bold, go farmhouse (channel Joanna Gaines from Magnolia Farms/Fixer Upper), or any other style you like. My personal preference is always toward the farmhouse and cottage looks so I like to shop here for my accessories: and, of course, World Market. I love that place. Since most half baths only require a bit of storage just for the necessities you could potentially get away with a pedestal sink. It would lovely in this small area. Good luck with your project!

  • Carole Carole on Dec 23, 2014
    Painting it a pale colour, like white or off white will help it to blend in and not dominate the room. A pedestal may give the appearance of more space, but then you have no storage and the space around the pedestal is wasted so I would keep the cabinet and paint it.

  • Marcie Smith Marcie Smith on Dec 23, 2014
    In our old house we put in a corner cabinet, updated the bathroom, used less room but still had the cabinet for storage and painted the room.

  • I own a small home remodeling and custom cabinet business. Whether you put in another vanity or pedestal you will have drywall work as it looks like your vanity counter top goes wall to wall and has side splashes and a back splash which are adhered to the wall. In taking those out you will have drywall repair - no way around that. Also - usually you will want a plumber to disconnect your faucet plumbing and depending on the age of your home shut off valves may need to be added. I agree with painting the cabinet if you don't want to deal with all of that. However, a good handyman should be able to switch this out, repair walls, paint, etc if you go that route within 1-2 days of work. People put furniture style vanities in all the time and have gaps on the side - you just don't want to use a built in vanity with splashes like you have now without it being custom sized. Vessel sinks are really nice for this type of vanity. Good luck - great little project!

  • Leigh Rowan Leigh Rowan on Dec 24, 2014
    Even if you don't want to paint the cabinet, just changing out the top and faucet to a updated design will make a huge difference. If you do paint the cabinet you can go 2 ways; Same color as wall will help the space look bigger and blend in, or slightly different color to highlight it a bit.

  • G B G B on Dec 24, 2014
    Paint the cabinet and change the hardware. Put your money to another faucet and other things to dress up the room. Or, if you're determined to go with a cabinet that will leave a gap, use molding as a filler.

  • Linda Lemiere-Zile Linda Lemiere-Zile on Dec 24, 2014
    Another option is to sand down the vanity and use a different stain or don't use any and just use a clear poly. You can also paint the top and make it look like new again. Lots of examples on here to give you some ideas and directions. You have to choose which is best for you to do!

  • Lisa B. Lisa B. on Dec 24, 2014
    Paint the vanity, give it some pretty new jewelry (pulls). I would even add new pulls to the false drawer panels above the cabinet doors. I think a 1/2 bath is one room where to can really go dramatic with color and lighting (small chandelier) Mine is glossy lipstick red. I framed the builder grade mirror in black molding with a few gold highlights. Then I added crystal wall sconces on either side of the mirror. Now I love it.

  • David David on Dec 24, 2014
    We used a antique dresser for a vanity ,you might find almost the right size. You than can pick any style of sink and paint the vanity any color you want, just put varathane on top to protect from water.

    • Lauren Gardner Lauren Gardner on Dec 24, 2014
      @David I would like to do this. Do you recess the sink into the top, or just set it on top?

  • Olena Beloous Olena Beloous on Dec 24, 2014
    UPDATE :) We took the cabinet and sink out! Its too big and too ugly!

  • Sherry Fram Sherry Fram on Dec 24, 2014
    I would go to Home Depot or Lowes and tell them the measurements of the present cabinet and find something close in size. You can find a vanity with the top and sink for a decent price.

  • Cynthia Jensen Cynthia Jensen on Dec 25, 2014
    Since you took it out, you can have space on the sides. What about something that is free standing, even a piece of unusual furiture?

  • David David on Dec 25, 2014
    You can set the sink on top if you buy a vessel sink they have some really nice ones or you can get a regular sink and insert it in to the top of the dresser or whatever piece of furniture you use.

    • Cynthia Jensen Cynthia Jensen on Dec 28, 2014
      I would say some kind of really cute nightstand, and a large vessel. That is what I was going to do, until I got a killer deal on an awesome vanity..

  • Steph Steph on Dec 27, 2014
    Lowe's has an open base fixture/ sink. You could use a basket to store towels. It's wood and gives a little more room on top . A pedestal sink is ok but just not my favorite. Look at Lowe' and check it out

  • BevTexas BevTexas on Dec 29, 2014
    Rather than get involved with dry wall and plumbing, have you considered painting the cabinet and introducing some interesting, colorful accessories? It would make a world of difference

  • Sa.5264297 Sa.5264297 on Oct 03, 2016
    Paint the bottom, Navy blue and get new brushed stainless faucet. Wallpaper around mirror with new washable wallpaper. Add new accessories.