Ugly Vanity Into Personal Chanel Treasure

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I wanted a vanity. I didn't want mine to look like anyone else's on the planet. I had refinished a couple of dining room table tops in my day, but never had I taken on a project like this. I just hoped I didn't bite off more than I could chew.
My inspiration was my signature fragrance, Chanel No. 5. I've worn it since a boyfriend gave it to me when I was thirteen years old. I drew from the soft, flat white, metallic gold, and glossy black packaging and incorporated logos where I felt they worked as well as a touch of the signature shell pink. Yes, this is probably trademark infringement, but this is for personal use, not for sale, so I think I'm okay legally. I found the perfect gold vanity chair and the cushion will be the recognizable black quilt when I finish it.

I started by bringing the dull gold up a couple of notches with metallic gold spray paint. Then the body with white brush on. The top was plastic laminate, so I sanded it and applied multiple coats of high gloss black latex, sanding lightly in between. It shines like a mirror - yes, latex! I also used the black on the little gold rimmed corner accents and the drawer fronts.

The drawer fronts had to have the drawer pull holes filled and sanded and then the hunt for the right pulls ensued. This took much longer than anticipated. I needed an absolutely flat surface to make them and I wanted them to be brass. My husband intervened and had a machinist slice the roundness off the closest thing I could find. They were perfect! I scanned my Chanel products for their logos and printed them out. I decoupaged a pair of the conjoined Cs onto the front with a glass front to further protect them and add drama.

I mixed pink, white, and orange craft paint together to achieve the perfect match to Chanel's and painted the basin.
Outdated, run of the mill Broyhill vanity from Salvation Army thrift store for $47. Sturdy bones, but dated looking. The lid support was toast and while the mirror was intact, the silvering had damage. I cannot stand the drawer pulls! I prefer something with a bit more distinction.
I decided to hand paint a replica of the label. It's not perfect; not by any stretch of the imagination. I thought that this emphasized the fact that I had done this out of love and made it more personal. I'm glad I did it.

Also a view of the drawer pulls.
I scanned and tweaked Chanel logos and created a collage on my computer. I printed it out on ordinary paper on my inkjet printer to create custom drawer liners.
Top view. I even repainted the mirror hardware from silver to gold.
Still need to replace lid hardware by attaching a fabulous gold chain from the basin interior to the lid.

I am very happy with my creation.
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