How to hang clothes in a closet

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  • Dfm Dfm on Dec 28, 2017
    you might not want to use the wire hangers-long term hanging will leave creases, wooden hangers are more gentle. open hanger hook to the back of the closet. if your closet is deep enough, you might be able to mount 2 hanging rods, one in back, one in front. you can also put one under a higher mounted one- shirts skirts etc. i also found a drop down/fold down ironing board mounted to the back of the closet door to be useful.

    now about that open hanger hook.. if you live in a higher crime area reverse the hook-open side to front...not so easy to just grab and go, takes just a bit more time.

    you can get child resistant covers for round door door knobs. if your closets have ventilation on the doors- that's a good thing.

  • My number one thing about closets is hangers. Over time invest in decent ones. I hang everything in "sections" - dresses, suits, slacks, blouses, skirts, jeans, etc. Sweaters live rolled in boxes. I have scarves on hangers. Smaller things like gloves, mittens in a box. If you have the space to have upper and lower rods - do so as it is a space saver. Here are a few links with closet organization tips.

  • Reenaroc Reenaroc on Dec 28, 2017
    Hi Russell, Not sure what the question is really. Clothes on hooks, on hangers? How to organize the clothes, how to install the bar for hanging? There are tons and tons of very helpful organizing hints and videos here on line. I personally have a lot of clothes so I have went with the seasonal & color method. All of my long sleeve on one end of the bar, starting with the heaviest jackets, sweaters, flannel shirts etc. (I probably have like 15 heavy coats so they are in a different closet). I went with some of the drop down rings for some of my other tops ( has a regular hanger hook on top that goes on the bar, then it has 5 rings you fill up with other hangers at various lengths), my turtlenecks are on one, my tie-dyes on one, my white blouses on one & my Hawaiian shirts on another. All & all I have about 30 tops taking up the space of 5 or 6 by using this type. These are in the middle because of how my closet is laid out it's the only place long enough. Then I started with colors all of my red & pink tops, then the green, then blue & purple etc. on the sides are lower bars perfect for pants (folded in 1/2 on hangers). The opposite lower bar has all of my Harley Davidson & Indian Motorcycle shirts. It's still a work in progress. I'm going to put a custom shoe cubby on the back wall, I have my purses on the high top shelf and a few linens that I don't use much cause I need a stool to reach it. My closet is very small so every inch is used. On the inside of the door I have a brass 10 hook unit, the over the door kind. I use it for my most used belts, p j's etc. Hope This Helps, Reena

  • FL FL on Dec 28, 2017
    For what it is worth, I hang my clothes by color, keep the hangers evenly spaced from one another, all the same hangers, all facing the same direction. I like there to be air circulation so I do not over fill my closet. My shoes and boots lined up on the bottom of the closet on a small bath mat.
    A collection of boxes with gloves, belts, hats, etc on top. I leave the closet open when I do housework, spray with a freshener sometimes, I keep a sachet of lavender hanging in the closet. My straw summer garden hat sits on the shelf on top and my umbrella hangs from a hook on the inside closet.