I love Junk Gypsie style!!!

I have a small bedroom. I'm in the process of cleaning it out. I would love to decorate it Junk Gypsie style!! Any ideas?? Will post pics of the furniture I have later this week.
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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 06, 2014
    When I think Gypsy, I see sparkle, feathers, color, etc, You have got to shop junk stores and find some of those glass babbles they hang on a chandaliers! (And by all means find an old chandalier and paint it a bright rose pink...can't use baby pink in a Gypsy room!) Drape feather boas like garland over the top of your windows! Lampshades have to have fringe and/or sequins!

  • Cindy Trobaugh Cindy Trobaugh on Jun 06, 2014
    Love Those Girls! I agree with Jeanette and just shared a Post of theirs on Facebook showing Pink and different shades of Blue Feathers sprinkled with glitter, add them to a unique vintage vase... Check out their Social Media Facebook etc for Inspiration! Good Luck.

  • Judy Adams Judy Adams on Jun 06, 2014
    Lots of lace and colored fabrics, ribbons , on the wall and maybe a canopy. If you have a sheet rock ceiling you can put a canopy above the bed , Use push pins in the ceiling to hold it to the ceiling above the bed, Done it many times . Use fabric the same size as the bed or just put it above the top half of the bed ,Let it droop down and create a multi level look. I have used a bed skirt that matched the bed spread in the past, fits perfectly the same size as the bed.Hang things from the corners of the canopy or fabric to create a four poster effect. happy decorating .

  • Judy Adams Judy Adams on Jun 06, 2014
    You could even hang a faux pink chandlier from the middle of the canopy for a fun look .

  • Wanda Wanda on Jun 08, 2014
    I would like to see the pics of the furniture you are planning to use, because I do have alot of ideas for you. I, too, love the gypsy/boho look.

    • Ambiecraftsreads Ambiecraftsreads on Jun 09, 2014
      I would love to hear your ideas. I am in the process of cleaning/clearing out my bedroom of all the stuff I don't want or need. Only really have one piece of furniture for sure now, a chest of drawers. Will showpictures when I can.