Asked on Apr 29, 2018

Need help filling in the space between the mattress and foot,headboard

Tonya Powers
by Tonya Powers
My son needed a bed frame so I could get him off the mattress on the floor and someone gave me a queen size frame but I only had a full size mattress I was asking for any ideas to fill in the space that was left between the mattress and headboard or foot board depending on which way you pushed the mattress
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  • Sue Buck Sue Buck on Apr 29, 2018

    You can purchase a piece of dense foam to fit in the space. I rolled a comforter and placed it at the foot, but no one ever sees it.

    • Lauren Reed Lauren Reed on May 04, 2018

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  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Apr 29, 2018

    Hello Tanya. They actually sell fillers for that gap between the mattress and the headboard or footboard. They are sold under different names — some of them are Mattress Wedge, Gap Guard Shield, Mattress Extension and Mattress Crack Filler. They are easily found online. Another solution is to buy a couple of those long body pillows and place them in the crack and add a couple of regular pillows on top of then. Good luck!

  • Mikie Mikie on Apr 29, 2018

    It seems like you have a Full mattress and box spring on a Queen size bed frame. Or, a Queen size Set of box spring and mattress on a King size bed.

  • Tae Tae on Apr 29, 2018

    i would do body pillows or build a box the size of the opening with wood and it can become a great storage place.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 29, 2018

    Perhaps wood bedboard -on the bottom and body pillow on top?

  • Sandy Sandy on May 04, 2018

    Maybe make a box to fit in there for storage and then put a body pillow on the top or cover the lid with foam and fabric

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on May 04, 2018

    Some frames have an adjustment in the area where the metal L bar joins. Did you happen to notice if yours is adjustable?

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    • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on May 07, 2018

      Lol.... I don't blame you. Well, fillers it is, then! At least you have a lot of good suggestions now! 🤣

  • Dee Dee on May 04, 2018

    I would move the mattress down to the bottom and get some dense foam for the top. Cover it with fabric or an old quilt or sheet. Put the pillows on that area which now makes the bed longer.

    Or get a board and put it at the bottom to stop the mattress from moving. Then use the area for under bed storage boxes and cover with a board and put a handle on it. To make a cover for storage

  • Agnes Chrzanowska Agnes Chrzanowska on Sep 29, 2021

    Foam board