I found some old barwood, but how do I treat it before putting inside

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  • Brianna Brianna on Apr 14, 2017
    I've never treated barnwood, but we just got a reclaimed barnwood mantel from a guy who makes them and he said he sands them down & puts a few layers of poly on them. It turned out beautiful!

  • Geeswonderland Geeswonderland on Apr 15, 2017
    Tongue and groove oil.. Brianna's poly is a good idea too..poly shines, the oil doesn't!

  • Joseph Glackin Joseph Glackin on Apr 15, 2017
    First--make sure it is dry and insect free BEFORE bringing it NEAR your house. After that, sand, sand, and sand.
    You will love what comes out.

  • Debbie Debbie on Apr 22, 2017
    I think Renee is asking how to treat the barnwood to make sure it is insect free before moving it into her home. I have no ideas but maybe someone else can tell her how.