Beginner advice for woodworking

The most important advice I can give to woodworkers on any level, is to ALWAYS wear safety glasses!! If you wear prescription glasses, cover them with safety glasses! It doesn't stop while your working with your tools. I use a large shop vac after I finish each job/project. I wasn't wearing my safety glasses and when I turned on the vacuum, the blower end blew little bit's of wood in my eye. Not thinking, I naturally rubbed my eye. By the end of the day my eye was red and irritated. After a few days, it started to look like it was bleeding. I went to the eye Dr. and he said a had an infection and a little sliver of wood in my eye. He brought out a tray of instruments straight out of some horror movie to remove the wood bit. After a week of antibiotic drops, my eye was better. So, please, PLEASE, invest a couple dollars for a pair of safety glasses!!
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