How do I build a small chicken coop?


I have 3 pallets, (2 large and a small), 5 bi-fold closet doors about 7' tall with hinges, 100' 28" tall rabbit cage wire, 4-6 table legs to elevate the coop, 30' of chicken wire that's about 7' tall, a box of laminate, I have an old wood desk and a few smaller pieces of shelves from a book shelf. I would only have 4 hens at the most and don't want to spend more than $25. The trick is keeping my husky out too.

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  • Cathy Cathy on Aug 09, 2018

    Go to hometalk google it.. they have a ton of cool projects you might find it there.

  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 09, 2018

    Make sure they are the non-toxic ones before using with animals or humans....

    One woman's struggle, LOL,


  • Rose/Miros Rose/Miros on Aug 09, 2018

    Mount one large pallet on the legs. Cover the top of the pallet with either the rabbit wire or the chicken wire. Cut slots in two of the doors so they will slide together and make a big +. Attach to the pallet with angle irons or spare hinges. Cover the top of the other pallet with the wire and flip it on top of your doors; attach with angle irons or hinges. Cut 2 doors in half and use the hinges to fasten them to opposite sides of the bottom pallet. Might need to steal some hinges from the doors you used as dividers. Use remaining doors or shelves to make the other two sides. Put a swivel "butterfly" latch on each door (they will fall open when you turn the latch).

    If you intend to keep the chickens in the coop all day, you would want to cut openings in either the hinged doors or the solid sides and wrap that piece in the wire mesh.

    If you actually wanted a chicken run, sorry....

  • Amy Stapleton Amy Stapleton on Aug 09, 2018

    That's awesome. Thank you!

  • Jojo Jojo on Jun 30, 2020

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    Here's a link to his site. Good luck! It's not too hard once you know what to do :)