How to add a door to an old lean-to shed??


I'm renting a house (26 month agreement) that has a 3 sided lean-to shed in the back yard. I'd love to put my push mower in it but know that it will get rained on. I am trying to determine a cheap way to build a door to cover enough of the front opening to protect my push mower. Any help would be great!!! Thanks!

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  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on May 02, 2020

    Maybe something like this?

    • Tracy Tracy on May 03, 2020

      Like the other link, this is a door for what would be one of the closed sides, sadly. But thank you!!

  • Gk Gk on May 02, 2020

    A tarp and some screw in hooks so you can attach the holes in the tarp to the hooks. It's not the most attractive option but it would be cheap! Tarps do come in a few different colors!

    • Tracy Tracy on May 03, 2020

      And I have a few already but think this is a start to what I think I'm gonna do for the final idea!

  • Dee Dee on May 02, 2020

    How about a barn door type door. The door would slide from one side to the other.

    • Tracy Tracy on May 03, 2020

      That would be my favorite idea BUT since this will be out of my pocket and therefore I want to easily take it down, this might more than I want to put into it. But thank you!!

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on May 02, 2020

    A piece of plywood or under lament and a couple of hinges can close off the side. It will last the 2 years that you will be there.

    • Tracy Tracy on May 03, 2020

      Yep hinged I have already and the sizes of plywood available, I should be able to find the exact size and not have to cut it. Thanks!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on May 02, 2020

    A tarp is probably the cheapest and easiest way to go about this. You might run some of the ideas by your landlord.

    • Tracy Tracy on May 03, 2020

      I'm thinking a tarp attached to a wood frame might work best... I hate hate hate spiders and don't want to throw a tarp over it where they can easily make a home!! My landlord is open to letting me do whatever I want, which is great!

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on May 03, 2020

    Hi Tracy, I'm not sure how high the opening is but perhaps a shower curtain or two will work. You'll need to weigh the bottom down with something heavy though so it doesn't blow around when it's windy

  • Flipturn Flipturn on May 03, 2020

    It will be very difficult to mount a shower curtain securely without having the force of the wind tugging against it causing it to rip. Putting weighs at the bottom will only add to the gravity that will be pulling it down. A shower curtain will not withstand normal outdoor weather conditions.

    If you decide to go with a tarp solution, purchase a high quality heavy one with a visible weave.

    • Tracy Tracy on May 03, 2020

      I have a pretty nice one I just bought for the move and already had a few others so can spare this one (very durable) and use some scrap wood to build a frame to put it on to make a door to put on hinges.

    • Tracy Tracy on May 03, 2020

      Thanks! Sadly the highest side is the side that's open...

  • Be sure you check with the landlord first, make sure that any alterations you make are approved before doing anything.

    • Tracy Tracy on May 03, 2020

      Thanks. I have. They are fine with whatever I want to do. 😊

  • Tracy Tracy on May 03, 2020

    Thanks everyone! With all the ideas, I think I now have a good idea of what I'm going to do! I'll post pics once finished!!

  • Betsy Betsy on May 03, 2020

    Th Tracy: You might try getting a tarp to cover the area. Ask your landlord if you can screw (not nail) a molding around the opening. Get it in writing and dated :) Then, if he/she says o.k., screw the molding on in about 4 places. The molding should be at least 1/2 inch thick and maybe 3" wide. Screws are easier to remove than nails. Then, get some hooks and place them on the molding where the grommets are in the tarp, on the top and 2 sides. As for the bottom, you can, if the tarp is long enough, put bricks on it. If the tarp isn't long enough, then get a length of PVC pipe about 6 inches wider than the opening, and roll it up around the tarp. Secure it with wire where the grommets are. Then, put 2 eye bolts, one on each side of the bottom, that are big enough for the PCV pipe to go into. Then, slip the pipe into the eye bolts to keep the bottom from flapping around. You should be able to remove the sides by just lifting them off of the hooks. Hope this isn't too confusing :) Good luck