Wooden pitchforks

Does anyone have any information on these wooden pitchforks that are made from a tree limb?
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  • Marlene Wilson Marlene Wilson on Jun 09, 2015

  • Carole Carole on Jun 09, 2015
    Sorry I don't have any information but aren't they fabulous!!

  • Carol Carol on Jun 09, 2015
    They were used to pitch hay or other silage. They were used to muck the dirty straw from horse stalls. Or any other chore their modern counterpart would be used for. If they are genuine antiques, they are valuable; they appear to be really well made. (I wish I had a couple of them.) :)

  • Jeri Walker Jeri Walker on Jun 09, 2015
    Thanks for the reply, I know they were used to pitch hay or what other chores the pitchfork was used for, what I want to know is who made them, and how old they are, I have learned they were made in France in the 1920 era. I have only seen one and that was on ebay and that one was cracked. I really have no need for them but would like to know their value.

  • Katrina Warren Katrina Warren on Jun 09, 2015
    They are cool!

  • Cheryl Blanchette Cheryl Blanchette on Jun 10, 2015
    They are used to pitch hay.

  • Martha Martha on Jun 10, 2015
    Selling them on an ebay auction is a way to find out their value!

    • Jeri Walker Jeri Walker on Jun 10, 2015
      @Martha before I could sell them on ebay I would have to know their value or they might go for a lot less than they are worth.

  • Eli mackewich Eli mackewich on Jun 10, 2015
    Do not sell to anyone but me LOL they are Amish made and would fit into my collection nicely. Want to sell them let me know....but if they were mine I would hang them on the wall and enjoy forever!

    • Jeri Walker Jeri Walker on Jun 10, 2015
      @Eli mackewich thanks for your reply, a lady that was in Australia told me they were made in France and that is why I put them on this website because I am getting so many different answers, I would like to sell them. I searched the web and could not find out or see any more photos like them.