How do I mount a few shelves on a bathroom mirror?

by Glenna

There's absolutely no place else in our tiny bathroom to add some storage. The space I want to use is about 3' wide and 2 1/2' feet tall. I'm wanting to get items OFF the top of our vanity. NOTE - there's somewhat of a beach scene going on in this bathroom.

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  • Pamela Pamela on Jan 02, 2019

    Hi ! You can cut out the area between the studs ( not on an outside wall ) then finish it as a recessed shelving! That is what I am doing in my small bathroom . I have a useless tiny medicine cabinet 11x14 !!! And it sticks half way out of the wall... You can put up floating shelves using shelves in a distressed wood look or clean white or even glass...

  • William William on Jan 02, 2019

    I agree with Lauren. No way to mount shelves on a mirror.

  • DD DD on Jan 02, 2019

    Hi Glenna I am not so adventurous as to adhere any thing to glass so if you can add a shelf at the bottom of the mirror then maybe if you could add another but extend it out beyond the mirror so it can be attached to the wall. Of course the 2nd shelf would need to be installed so that the mirror is still usable so it might be more towards the top of the mirror

  • Pamela Pamela on Jan 04, 2019

    Hi again , if you aren't planning on pudding heavy items on the shelf , you might want to try Velcro hanging strips made by command strips/hooks. I was looking for a way to frame out my bathroom mirror ( the edges had black spots coming through ) instead of replacing it , I saw a bathroom re do where the homeowner attached the wooden frame right to the mirroring command Velcro strips .

  • Oliva Oliva on Jan 05, 2019

    I'd be leery of overloading a tiny bath with too many shelved items-too much "visual stimulation". Can you select fewer items and rotate the display throughout the year?

    Is there any way to add built in storage between wall studs?

  • Glenna Glenna on Jan 06, 2019

    I'm going to ponder the above comments! Thanks.

  • Kelly Denoyer Russell Kelly Denoyer Russell on Jan 06, 2019

    Without pics of your bathroom using the ceiling might help?! Another thought- Little light weight items can suction cup to mirror. They make many suction cup holders for the shower that will work on mirror but keep it to make up brushes and other small light weight items etc. Hometalk had nautical shelving instructions here as well. Look under the search button here.

  • Sharon Schafer Sharon Schafer on Jul 13, 2022

    How do I attach shelving to mirrors

  • Sharon Schafer Sharon Schafer on Jul 13, 2022

    How do I attach shelving to mirrors

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jan 09, 2024

    No way to attach shelving to mirrors...would you have a picture you can post of your b/r so we can see what you are seeing? We may have some ideas on how to help you.

  • C Lo C Lo on Jan 09, 2024


    Hi, I had this same space issue plus am renting so cutting into the wall etc wasn't feasible. Instead, I found a lightweight

    "basket shelf" woven from grass fibers with 3 deep baskets. I used 40lb picture hangers on the dry wall above the mirror (into the studs), ran picture wire from the hanger down through the top of the basket frame to secure it. (Still decluttering but you can see how much this holds). This also frees up the top of the tank & the floor. The basket shelf was only $20 @ ROSS, so for $25 total we now have streamlined, ample storage over the mirror in the guest bath.

    You can disguise the wire with a floral arrangement (see pic) tall bottles etc or leave it visible. We left one side visible & hung a sentimental necklace over it so the wire isn't the focal point. Hope this gives you some ideas!