How do I clean an iron that burns wool and is sticky?


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  • Reggie Reggie on Feb 05, 2019

    Try using salt. Cover your ironing board with a heavy cloth and pour table salt on it. Set your iron on medium heat with no steam. Run the iron across the salt several times. I cleaned sticky residue of my iron this way.

  • heat it up and clean with steel wool

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Feb 05, 2019

    Hello Carol,

    I like to use white toothpaste. I find it quite comparable to the overpriced costly commercial white paste iron cleaner that can find at retail venues..

    Toothpaste is made to be non-abrasive and I have found it to be effective for cleaning my iron bittom plate off, you may want to give it a try I hope you have a great results- that I did! I hope this helps.

  • When ironing delicate items, use a linen pressing cloth. Then you won't mess up your iron.

  • L Gib L Gib on Feb 06, 2019

    Turn the iron on low for 2 minutes. Unplug the iron. Using an oven mitt & a pad of 4 oooo fine steel wool (found at any hardware store).polish the glue away. Heating up on a low setting loosens the glue. The 4 oooo steel wool doesn't scratch the iron's now clean surface. When cool wipe with a clean cloth. Take note to clean the steam holes. Test the iron out on an old cotton towel before you try it on your clothing. Press the steam button to force any little bits of steel wool out of the holes . Done !