How to clean bottom of steam iron.

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  • Bobbie Bobbie on Aug 19, 2017
    How to Clean an Iron Video and Steps - Real Simple

  • Vicki Bushert Vicki Bushert on Aug 19, 2017
    go to your local sewing store. Or amazon (see below) There is a product that comes in a tube. You squirt some on a rag and iron over it. It works wonders. Then
    if you use the steam part often and are using tap water instead of distilled, put in a vinegar/water solution let it still while iron is cold. Then turn on iron and use steam setting in a rag. This will help clear out mineral and hard water deposits from the steam portion. Then empty it out and put water in do the same... just to clear out any residue.

    I use the Dritz iron cleaner. but there are other brand like faultless or Rowena ( pricey).

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Aug 19, 2017
    I used to run mine over waxed paper.

  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on Aug 19, 2017
    Table salt on a piece of tin foil . Just rub it on and whatever is stuck on there usually comes right off.

  • Mrc28910560 Mrc28910560 on Aug 19, 2017
    If there's a non stick coating, use baking soda & vinegar, rub with a plastic scrubby pad ( made for non stick cookware) while iron is warm.
    If there is no coating, dampen a brillo pad and rub stains/glue off while iron is warm.... in both cases wipe after cleaning with a damp towel and then dry with a clean towel.

  • Cherokee Helton Cherokee Helton on Aug 19, 2017
    Rub with Baking Soda will not scratch the iron.. at least has not mine..

  • Mrc28910560 Mrc28910560 on Aug 19, 2017
    Use vinegar and water ( half and half) INSIDE iron and turn on to full steam, press your steam button to clean out inside if iron, wipe off any gunky residue as it comes out. Run clear water thru afterwards to rinse out vinegar solution. Then be sure to use only distilled water to avoid the problem of buildup again.

  • AmAtHome AmAtHome on Nov 10, 2018

    I used the instructions in the link, the baking soda /water paste worked great!