Asked on May 24, 2016

What is the best degreaser for the kitchen stove?

by Why
Above the stove I have a lot of grease buildup.
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  • Wendy G. Whitcomb Wendy G. Whitcomb on May 25, 2016
    Personnally I like Simple Green. I use it straight & spray it. Cleans the grease & smells great too. I also use on stains on clothes.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 25, 2016
    You can try Super clean available at Home Improvement stores. It s a very strong concentrated cleaner to mix with water.
  • Merrie Merrie on May 25, 2016
    I guess I'm just old fashioned. I use baking soda with just a tad of water mixed in, a non scratching pad and elbow grease. If really bad I may add a bit of vinegar to the baking soda. I do make sure I have a couple of non scratching pads available in case one gets all gummed up.
  • Barbara Redmon Vickery Barbara Redmon Vickery on May 25, 2016
    Ammonia....cuts right through grease on a stove. I use it all the time to clean the metal filter to the exhaust water and ammonia does the trick.
  • HRH HRH on May 25, 2016
    I have always used Mean Green. Takes that film right off with no wait.
  • Terrie Neudorf Terrie Neudorf on May 25, 2016
    I use hotwater in a bottle. 50/50 with vinegar . A touch of blue dawn and spray it down . Let sit 10/ 15 min. Then rub in cycles , add baking soda wipe around again and this time have a bucket of clean water to rinse the cloth as you clean . It always works for me.
  • Con3711289 Con3711289 on May 25, 2016
    Over the years, I've found that hot, hot water is your best friend when it comes to grease. Regardless of which cleaner you choose, it will almost always perform better combined with hot water. Get the water as hot as you can stand it. For things that can be taken off, like stove knobs, drip pans or exhaust fan filters, fill the sink or large pan with hot water and blue Dawn dishwashing liquid. Boil or microwave extra water if necessary to get it good and hot. Soak the greasy stuff for about 10-20 minutes--you don't want the water to cool off too much or the dissolved grease, now in suspension, will start to redeposit on your items. Scrub and rinse (again, with hot water) and repeat the process as necessary. Another suggestion for stove tops and glass oven doors, etc. A hand held steamer with pinpoint nozzle is really helpful. It's not cheap --I spent about $100 on mine, but a good sale will bring it down. The upfront cost is made much more reasonable when you discover how useful it is all over the house. Great on grout or any fussy detail work where it's hard to get into crevices like window or shower door tracks, around faucet and sink fittings, etc. Other attachments get at windows, floors, blinds, etc.. Bonus: there are no nasty fumes or chemicals--it's just water!--and things get sanitized to boot.
    • D Frank D Frank on Mar 03, 2018

      Wow! Thanks for this awesome tip to use a steamer! Who knew😁! Definitely going to try that.

  • Kathy Gogal-Westmiller Kathy Gogal-Westmiller on May 25, 2016
    Purple Power from Dollar General. It sells for $5.00 a gallon and it's in the automotive section. Great stuff, even use it on laundry stains. Can't be without it.!
  • Jen Jen on May 25, 2016
    Simple Green is awesome!!
  • Dendra Lott Hastey Dendra Lott Hastey on May 26, 2016
    Greased Lightening-get it at Sams
  • Nichola Van Der Vilt Nichola Van Der Vilt on May 26, 2016
    Baby wipes!!!! They cut through grease, especially the greasy mess on top of oven hood and kitchen units...strange but true!! Not the ones with added cream though!
  • Gina Gina on May 26, 2016
    Ive been using awsome orange from the dollar tree for 17 yrs now.It works fast,no scrubbing.I also use on my cabinets,does not harm wood ( I was suprised 1st time i tried) degreaser out there,...for a dollar!