How do I take away hard water stains in toilet bowls?


I've tried several commercial cleaners and the pouring coke in the toilet, but neither really gets off hard water stains. Ideas? Thanks

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    • Iretha Bodnar Iretha Bodnar on Dec 08, 2018

      pumice stone is the simplest and cheapest way to get and keep a sparkling clean toilet!

  • Maura White Maura White on Dec 07, 2018

    Have you tried Bar Keepers Friend? It has oxalic acid in it that does a good job with that.

  • William William on Dec 07, 2018

    A few squirts of Dawn dish soap, Pour in some vinegar' Agitate with a toilet brushto foam it up.. Let sit for about an hour or two. Brush with a toiltet brush. The uds suspend the vinegar above the water line.

  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Dec 07, 2018

    There is a product called ‘CLR’ (Calcium Lime and Rust). It is made for this type of problem and is sold in grocery stores, Walmart, and home improvement centers.

  • Dorothy A Crowley Dorothy A Crowley on Dec 08, 2018

    Pumice stone, I use lime away and let it sit then use the stone. Don't push to hard or it may scratch the bowl.

  • Dianne williams Dianne williams on Dec 08, 2018

    I agree the pumice stone is the best and it only cost $1. at the dollar store

  • Cynthia Greer Cynthia Greer on Dec 08, 2018

    I agree with Maura, Bar Keepers Friend works amazing. However if it doesn't all come off I buy a product from the hardware store called "iron remover". Its in a powder form. I mix a couple tablespoons with hot water to disolve (caution- it smells bad) pour into toilet bowl and let sit. Within minutes its done!!

  • A pumice stone is the only thing that works in my house. The noise is awful so wear earplugs.

  • Janet Janet on Dec 08, 2018

    A pumice stone does work, but I have had success using CLR and other commercial cleaners. First, and most important, you have to dip out a few cupfuls of water so the water is a few inches below the line. Squirt the cleaner around and let it sit for 20-30 min. Then brush and flush. If the mineral line is really tough, you may have to repeat the process, but once you get it off it will be easier to keep it off.

  • Sonya Byorick Sonya Byorick on Dec 10, 2018