How do I make white nylon lace socks white again

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  • 17335038 17335038 on Sep 01, 2017

    Nylon is notorious for taking on a grungy color and looking dirty even after repeated regular washings.

    Try soaking the socks in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Every so often rub gently to ensure that all the fibres are coated evenly. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from drying out.

    Rinse well, then hand wash with warm water sudsing well.

    Soak in a stainless steel sink or bowl but not in a plastic container that is porous enough to absorb the peroxide.

  • Nena Hodges Nena Hodges on Sep 01, 2017

    Here's one idea you could try: Pour the lemon juice in the spray bottle. Do not dilute. Spray the socks thoroughly with lemon juice. Soak them then ang them outside in bright sunshine. The acid from the lemon juice will work with the sun to create a safe, natural bleaching agent. Direct sunlight works best. Should take around 30 mins to an hour or so.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Sep 01, 2017

    I would soak them in oxyclean overnight.

  • Arleen Sarsons Arleen Sarsons on Sep 02, 2017

    I would suggest a product call BIZ, it works extremely well.

  • Mary Johnson Mary Johnson on Sep 02, 2017

    More years than I care to remember, I found my aunt washing her white things and laying them on a towel on the grass, in the sun. She left them half of the day and flipped them over. The sun whitened them. When she hung her whites on the clothesline, she never had dingy clothes. Just remembering.

  • Lynn Heckman Lynn Heckman on Sep 02, 2017

    One thing that many people don't know (except maybe us old folks) is that you should NEVER wash nylon with any other type of fabric. Cotton and other fabrics release their dirt right away while nylon does not. So if you wash it with other fabrics it will always come out dingy. Soak in Oxyclean and then wash but not with any other type of fabric. Hope this helps!

  • Sue Moman Bowen Sue Moman Bowen on Sep 02, 2017

    I recently used on my grandson's white polyester baseball pants, Iron Out. They looked amazing afterwards. It removes the rust in the stain. Now I'm thinking of trying regular Rust Remover I use at work. Both can be bought at Walmart. It didn't take much of the Iron Out. But I let it soak for awhile before washing it.

  • Karen Karen on Sep 03, 2017


  • Dee Dee on Sep 06, 2017

    Rit (the dye brand) also makes a few laundry products. Whitener and Brightener works great for whitening. Also great to prevent yellowing.