How to keep cat hair off of clothes?

My pants hang in the lower part of my closet. My cat goes in and out of the closet. When I get a pair of pants out, the legs are full of cat hair. I do not have space to move the pants to another part of the closet. I have to put the pants in the dryer with a dryer sheet to rid the pants of the cat hair. Need something to protect the bottom of my pants.

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  • Make a curtain with a tension rod and some fabric. Can easily be done with velcro too.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 26, 2018

    Is there no way to keep the closet door closed?

  • Mogie Mogie on Mar 26, 2018

    Agree with Naomie you need to make some sort of barrier to keep your cat out of your closet. Do you have a door on your closet now?

  • Seethebeauty Seethebeauty on Mar 26, 2018

    get a dog? no, really, get a fish dogs shed, too! No, really...there is no magic elimination of pet hair (I know, I have many) that I know of. There are practical daily steps that will minimize hair. Sigh: daily grooming, vacuuming and duct taping...I literally where white because black shows every hair. It helps to bathe as a kitten so they are not afraid of water later on.

  • Russbow Russbow on Mar 26, 2018

    Hang a shower curtain in front of the clothes.

  • Barb Adams Barb Adams on Mar 26, 2018

    I can think of no way to prevent the cat hair from adhering to your pants, except to purchase a hanging clothes bag. They zip up to contain your clothes. Your options would be to hang the pants on a higher rod, hang them folded on a blouse or suit hanger if you are currently using pants hangers that allow them to hang full length, or keep the door closed. If there is no door, folding or sliding doors are not very expensive to purchase and not too hard to install

  • AlisonGrimes AlisonGrimes on Mar 26, 2018

    Invest in a lint roller - the ones with sticky paper that can be torn off when full of lint/pet hair. Best gadget ever! We have a dog with pure white fur which seems to be attracted to all our clothes like mini white magnets, even though he hasn't gone near them. :-) The lint roller removes pet hair quickly and efficiently. I use it on our furniture, too, for the times he sneaks onto a forbidden chair (does he think we won't notice the white hairs clinging to the seat?). My other suggestion would be to get the thin plastic clothes protectors dry cleaners use to cover freshly-cleaned clothes. You could cover your pants with them and they should be long enough to protect them from your furbaby.

  • Jea22219926 Jea22219926 on Mar 26, 2018

    Do you hang the pants over hangars.How about a vertical hangar that has hooks then hang pants with hangars. Also try plastic over pants? I assume you don't have a closet door you can close.

  • Charlotte Erickson Charlotte Erickson on Mar 26, 2018

    Close the closet door or limit the area that the cat can reach the pants.

  • Jcraw Jcraw on Mar 26, 2018

    Wacky suggestionget a piece of junk carpet for the bottom of your closet and wrap/cover with layers of aluminum foil. cats don’t like the feel or sound of flat foil. Worth a shot.