Asked on Jan 23, 2017

My towel is still damp in the morning- help!

Hillela G.
by Hillela G.

When I shower and hang my towel back up, I've been finding that it's still damp in the morning, which definitely can't be a good thing.

I think it has to do with the winter chill because I don't have this issue in the summer.

Any idea why my towels stay damp in the bathroom and what I can do about it? Or does anyone have tips on how to dry towels after they get wet?

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q my towel is still damp in the morning help

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  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jan 23, 2017
    If you have room for an electric towel warmer bar - it might be your best solution in the winter. They can be freestanding or hang on the wall and vary in price from $50 on up to $1,000! They work great at drying your towel and keeping it warm when you go to use it - the best feeling!

  • Laurie Laurie on Jan 25, 2017
    Sounds like your bathroom is holding moisture. You can do one of two things. Install an exhaust fan in the ceiling or simply hang DampRid in your bathroom.

    • Rose Maloney Rose Maloney on Jan 27, 2017
      If you're on a super-tight budget, keep a pan of clean unscented clay kitty litter (dollar tree) in any of your damp rooms, it'll lower the humidity considerably, reducing the opportunity for mold and mildew growth and those towels will dry a little quicker. Or you could find a drier room to hang them in overnight.

  • 512181 512181 on Jan 26, 2017
    Perhaps you can hang your towel near a heat vent. Also, make sure the towel is hanging spread out, not on a hook or folded on the towel rack.

  • Pallet Man Pallet Man on Jan 26, 2017
    The problem is humidity. In the winter, the house is closed up so a bathroom humidity can stay high. An exhaust vent in the bathroom would be useful. Encouraging air circulation to the rest of the house would also be helpful. Leave the bathroom door open so humidity can escape. The moist towel is just the tip of the iceberg. Moisture can allow mold and mildew to grow.
    It could just be a regional problem. If the relative humidity increases in the winter as temps drop but suspended water stays the same because there is plenty of precipitation, the moist air has little ability to absorb more moisture. A humidity meter would show this by showing high humidity throughout the house. 70 to 80% relative humidity at room temperature will reduce the ability of a wet towel to dry.

  • Dale Dale on Jan 27, 2017
    Perhaps switch to using the smaller 'hand towel' size until you remedy the basic humidity problem.

  • Flora Laron Flora Laron on Jan 27, 2017
    It is also my problem because I have 4 boys in the home who use really big towels . what I usually do is to hang them at the back of my fridge. I push the fridge a little bit to make space so I can hang the towels. At the end of the day , The're all dried up.

  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Jan 27, 2017
    I've also used the fridge to dry cloth shoes after washing or if they came home soaked by rain. It has to be one of those that has a vent in front at bottom. Place a towel in floor and lay shoe on it's side, top facing the fridge. It's not super quick but in most cases they're dry the next morning.

  • on Jan 27, 2017
    A few years ago we switched from traditional terry towels to waffle weave microfiber towels and we have never looked back ! They absorb water on the body really well. They dry hanging beautifully and are lightweight and soft.We throw them in our suitcase when we travel. I found them on Amazon. I have recommended them to many people.
    I also have cotton waffle weave towels that we use sometimes. (They are like a giant cotton waffle weave dish towel) I first came across these in Europe and I love them. They slough the skin,they dry quickly hanging and in the dryer which is a saver !

  • Skeg Skeg on Jan 29, 2017
    Use a stand heater in the bathroom after you shower

  • Sobeam Sobeam on Jan 29, 2017
    I use the pants hangers to hang my towels on the shower bar and they dry perfectly.

  • Mary Mary on Jan 29, 2017
    Try to find some way to get the humidity out or you'll have more problems like mold in the walls which is worse. Is there an exhaust fan in your bathroom, turn it on when showering, if not install one or a ceiling heater on a timer.

  • Danielle Odin Danielle Odin on Jan 30, 2017
    I moved into an apartment that had a lot of mold and mildew in the small stall shower bathroom. I took care of the mold and mildew and bought an shelf heater. I have that in the far corner of the room and I turn it on 5 minutes before I start my shower. I also istalled a triple swing bar to hang my towels. This allows me to spread the damp towels when I am done and they dry very easily and quickly.

  • Jamesqstokes Jamesqstokes on Aug 18, 2019

    As others have mentioned bathrooms are very humid. This makes a lot of sense since when you take a shower you are basically dumping a bunch of water into the air. This is made worse if you take hot or warm showers since hot water turns to vapor/steam.

    I can see a couple ways to solve your problem. One would be to turn your bathroom vent on after showering/bathing, or leaving the bathroom door open to allow the humid air to leave and mix with the less humid air of the rest of your house. This would hopefully make it easier on your towel being able to dry.

    Another way would be to hang your towel in your bedroom instead of the bathroom (or on the back of your fridge as others have pointed out). That way it would be drying in an environment that does not have so much water in the air. You could also use two towels and alternate towels every other day. This has the downside that your towel would still be wet for long periods of time which can lead to mold having a chance to grow.

  • Heidi Heidi on Dec 10, 2020

    Do you hang it completely unfolded? I hang mine on the closet door in my bedroom.

  • Dee Dee on Dec 10, 2020

    I Attached a command outside hook to the top of my shower door so that the towel hangs unfolded.

  • Stefeni Stefeni on Dec 10, 2020

    Is your heater vent closed?