What do you use to get that rancid oil smell out of pillowcases?

by Ann

I’ve already tried washing in hottest water with bleach. I’ve tried hot water and vinegar. I’ve tried soaking in baking soda and water before putting them in the laundry. They still smell.

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  • Maureen McAteer Vasily Maureen McAteer Vasily on Sep 02, 2018

    Okay, try baking soda & vinegar soak for 24 hours... in wash with laundry detergent. Good luck.

  • Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor on Sep 02, 2018

    Hello, try soaking them in really hot water with ultra dawn dish detergent and baking soda and wring them out before the water gets too cool. Then wash them in the washer on the hot setting.

  • Sure it isn't the pillows??? When was the last time you washed those?

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    • Gotcha! Well you have some excellent suggestions here. Hope one of them works out for you!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Sep 03, 2018

    I have had good luck with Tide Sport. It has worked well for lots of really smelly clothes and towels. Hubby and one son have salt water tanks in the basement and a R/O water system to make purified water for the tanks. They use a garbage can to store the water and sometimes they don't catch it until it overflows. The old towels get stinky pretty fast if they don't put them up to dry. Only occasionally does it take two washes to get the smell out of the towels. I also put vinegar in the softener cup to help cut soap residual in the rinse cycle and help with odors if they are really stinky. I hope this will help you get the musty smell out of your pillow cases. Make sure your pillows smell ok, too. Good luck Ann!

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 01, 2022

    Soak overnight in a strong Bio Washing powder . Wash again in machine. Repeat as necessary or Bin and buy new wipeable pillow cases