How do I get a solution to muddy paw prints?

by J

My 3 large dogs have pounded my yard into a muddy mess. I’ve fenced off a portion to keep nice, but the rest gets run through the house with muddy paw prints all over my floors! We used crushed concrete a few years back, but we’re now back in the same mess, possibly worse. Outside of rehoming my furr-babies, which isn’t an option, I’d love to hear some pretty and safe solutions.

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  • Fong-Lie Bavelaar Fong-Lie Bavelaar on Feb 16, 2019

    Dogs can get use to it to have their paws washed, (garden hose) , and dried off with towels before they come into the house. To cold for a garden hose, have a bucket with water prepared inside. This is less work than cleaning your house, good luck!!

    • J J on Mar 01, 2019

      I did give this a good try and my guys thought it was a wonderful game! They loved the water and tug a war with the towels! They’re so goofy and sweet I can’t reprimand them. Thanks for the ideas though!

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Feb 16, 2019

    I have 3 dogs I keep a shallow tub of water by the door(outside of course) that they step into & the mud gets rinsed off before coming in house,towel on inside floor my biggest dog loves it. I had to get smaller tub because she wanted to lie down in it! ; you could install astro turf/fake sod in area where they run,it's cleaner no mud they still have soft surface for their feet no cuts from gravel and easy to clean with soap & water after pooping & peeing. you can buy shredded rubber mulch to put in their area,much easier on their feet you'll have to get enuf to make thick enuf layer to keep their big feet out of mud underneath,at east 6-8"s; you can buy rubber mats like they use in kennels. the astro turf/fake sod is probably cheapest well except the tub of water. if they use doggie door just place small kiddie pool right outside the doggie door,you'll need towels for floor get them half off sale at Goodwill so you have alot to change out. the water will work until you can get fake sod or rubber mulch. I would never "rehome"a pet because of mud,it's really such a minute detail compared to the joy they give. if you have carpets get carpet cleaner, put up doggie gates so they cannot run directly in door and around house until they are dry.

    • J J on Mar 01, 2019

      What great ideas! Thank you! I tried the tub idea. My lab loved it! He started digging and splashing water everywhere! Pretty cute and funny! I’m going to check into the rubber mats and rubber mulch. My fur-babies are here for life! But the mud has got to Go! Thanks again!

  • My dogs have a doggie door and come and go as they please. On the areas that are NOT grass, I used landscape fabric and mulch. Other areas I used landscape fabric and a tumbled pea gravel so if it gets stuck in their paws it won't cut them. Another option is to install artificial turf. I have 6+ dogs in my yard daily, and cats too.

    • J J on Mar 01, 2019

      We have a doggie door too. I love it and so do they! I’m definitely going to try the landscape fabrics and mulch idea. I think they will like it better too! Thanks for the tips!

  • J J on Mar 01, 2019

    I received several great ideas and am planning to fix my muddy areas this weekend! Thanks everyone!