Furniture still smells after stripping/sanding


Ive posted earlier about my refinishing an old china cabinet, and still having issues. I don't know if it was a stain or old varnish (it was a dark color on lighter wood, probably dates back to the 30's. 40s?), so not sure what I was dealing with to start with. But so far I've used many coats of citristrip (left one on overnight, wrapped in plastic, but that time it seemed like it really dried onto the wood), then upon advice here, after scrapping as much as I could, I then moved on to paint thinner to try to remove the leftover stain that seemed to just smear around. That took several attempts then finally got to the sanding stage. I sanded several times, changing the coarseness of paper. Had to move the piece back inside due to rain and I can STILL smell it! Not sure if it's a chemical reaction with the old varnish/stain that is somehow remaining, or a mixture of the old stain/ old wood smell/citristrip and paint thinner! I haven't had a chance to do a final wet wipe after sanding (just vacuumed up the dust before bringing inside). Is there anything I can use to wipe on the finished pieces that might help clear up this lingering smell?? I don't plan to stain, just put some sort of clear finish (suggestions for low odor finish is appreciated as well!). Thanks for any input you might have!

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