Asked on May 13, 2017

Can you use ridex on a toilet that is not on a septic system?

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  • William William on May 13, 2017

    RID-X contains billions of 100 percent natural active bacteria and enzymes that have been scientifically proven to digest septic waste. Cellulase breaks down toilet paper, vegetable matter, and some foods; lipase breaks down fats, oils, and grease; protease breaks down proteins; and amylase breaks down starches. Will not do anything for a toilet.

    • Candace Candace on Jan 30, 2019

      I mean will it hurt the lines that go from our toilet out to the city septic system. That’s all I was wondering about. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Caseyem11 Caseyem11 on May 13, 2017

    What problem are you trying to solve?

    • Theresa dubray Theresa dubray on Sep 15, 2023

      I have a smell up near my shower and I. It's not clogged, but it smells bad like musty. I'm thinking there's Mold somewhere. Or there's something in the pipes that's not going through. That's smelling what do I do I did have a clog in the tub and I put cloud remover down it and plunged it and got the cloud out but after that. I have a horrible smell, it smells like mildew or Mold, what could this be?

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on May 14, 2017

    Plus most cities prohibit the use of Rid-X, since the city uses its own system to clean and reuse water. Some places are beginning to forbid the use of blue toilet cleaners because it does something to the pipes. Best wishes!

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on May 18, 2017

    I wouldn't use it just to clean your toilet. If you have a blockage you may need to contact a licensed plumber for assistance. Do it right! Best of luck.

  • Marcia Lazenby Marcia Lazenby on May 18, 2017

    Yes....i use it in the dishwasher also...

  • Adam Speer Adam Speer on Jan 11, 2018

    Rid ex-does not work numerous university studies have proven this. If you read the fine print it says " with regular pump-outs" anything can be proven to work with pump outs. Anyone with real knowledge in the wastewater industry knows its a complete scam. Bacteria are cannibalistic first off so as waste is eaten by them they eat each other as more waste comes into the tank they propagate. Giving the tank a balance at all times introducing more bacteria in the tank does nothing but give them more food. One crap has more bacteria in it that 50 boxes of rid-ex.

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    • Momknows Momknows on Jan 12, 2020

      FYI Newer toilets use less water and they tend to clog more often.

  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 03, 2018

    Yes I use the Roebic brand on mine all the time, its just an enzyme that eats the crud out of the pipes and sewer line.

  • William William on Jul 01, 2018

    Won't be effective in the toilet. Also won't hurt the toilet. Rid X is made for septic systems where the bacteria is contained and does it's work. It will jusr flush through the toilet and sewer lines.

  • David Roy David Roy on Jan 06, 2020

    For $3.00 a month, I'll happily take a flyer on it.

  • BetsyRambo BetsyRambo on Jan 29, 2020

    Try regular 1/2 bottle of Dawn overnight. See YouTube! Also Green Gobbler. But expensive. Leave overnight. Regular use as a preventative with Dawn helps. Only Scott toilet paper! They have a new Scott that is fast dissolving and should help. Flush in between and before wiping also and an extra flush thereafter every time. Hold handle down till entire tank emptied!! Critical. They are made to NOT empty so holding down will empty it. Nothing says u can’t add a bucket of red hot water to your bowl when flushing! Keeps toilet clean too!!! 3 lousy toilets here. Waiting for Trumps bringing back of 3 gallon ones then I’m buying all new fast!! And maybe some spares. Lol. If it seems to all go down it may be still sitting in trap hence the extra flush each time!

  • Richard Walania Richard Walania on Sep 19, 2020

    Can I use Rid Ex In my camper holding tank

  • Em Em on Jul 19, 2021

    The purpose of using ridex is to add some extra support to the normal bacteria that are naturally present in the septic tank to enhance their action as well as promote the breakdown of the solid waste. If you pour it in a regular toilet and flush it won't do anything. If you toilet is clogged use Drano and a plunger.

  • Janet Janet on Feb 21, 2022

    What will Ridex do to a regular toliet

  • Gwendlyn Gwendlyn on Sep 15, 2022

    Accidentally brought septic cleaner and can not return it. Can I use it as drain clean to not waste my money

  • Lottie Finney Lottie Finney on Sep 17, 2023

    Try using baking soda and vinegar and as it’s bubbling pour hot water into the drain.