How can I clean off cat hairs?

We have 8 rescue cats that we adore but not their loose hairs.
My clothes come out of washer clean but with cat hair on them.
ive tried roller brushes to no avail. I've tried vacuuming what i could.
My favorite is the wide white surgeons tape. I cut to the size of the item in strips, place down, rub hand over and off most of them come.
With that said, many hairs still get into the washer. I hang my clothes outside and when dry there are all the cat hairs showing. There has got to be an easier way.
So far I have lost this battle. I have Lupus, RA, severe Fibromyalga, and Myasthenia Gravis. All of these cause sever pains and fatique. That is why it is so hard to keep up with. There are days I barely make it out of bed. I love my 8 fur babies and abandoning to a shelter is just not an option. We love each other so neither I nor they would be happy separated.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks! Signed.....The Cat Lady 8 😻
q cat hairs
Gretel came from Germany and was found wandering the streets. Her chip led to Germany but it sadly stopped there. I know someone was missing this sweet girl. We got her the day she was going to be euthanized. Can you imagine???
q cat hairs
Mr. O'Ryan was given to us to get the affection he needs so badly. His owners divorced and Moms new boyfriend hated cats. Only wanted his dog.
So he was getting no more love
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Puffy, was found skin and bones at a dumpster at work. Look at him now at 24 lb. I know it's not healthy. But I think he lives like every meal might be the last ha!
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Fred, we rescued him from the rescuer who had over 100 cats in her small home. She was on TV as an animal hoarder.

And that hat is why we had to stop at 8. We knew we just couldn't save them all. And it would not be fair to them
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Fred & Gheppto. G came to us abandoned at 6 weeks old.
q cat hairs
Princess Mylo, our first cat, RussianBlue. With our African Grey at the time, Missy :( Mylo came with my son to live in FL. When my son went back to NH it was decided her best place was to stay with my husband and me. And boy does she give sweet love. No other like her
q cat hairs
Mylo, O'Ryan, Gheppeto, Asja, Puffy, and sneaking in the back, our beautiful Truffles

Truffles & Asja came as sister and brother from an abusive situation.
Took a lot of love & time before we could gain their trust. Asja is a very shy, but loving, Siamese.
q cat hairs
Princess Mylo again resting with her daddy.
q cat hairs
Our handsome boy, Truffles.
Each came with their own name, which we didn't take away from them.
Gheppeto was the only one we got to name. Loving the kids movie, Pinocchio, well ....... you get it 🤗
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  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 29, 2017
    I brush or shake clothes out on back door platform before I put in wash, and I use a dryer sheet that helps get it into the filter. Then when I hang stuff I will use a brush if I see hairs. I have also used tape wrapped around hand, velcro type lint brush and I love the new silicon lint rollers, just rinse the hair away with water.
    Make sure kitty gets some oil in diet to prevent excess shedding, and I brush mine frequently. They also have their own fuzzy pads made from old bathrobes and towels to lay on, that I wash at least weekly, shake out daily.

  • Elaine Elaine on Nov 29, 2017
    Try rubber gloves! The hair seems to pull much easier out of woven fabrics such as clothing and sofas. Just brush your hand over the hair-covered areas ... similar to say, the same way you’d brush some crumbs off the kitchen counter and into the sink. As an animal lover, a big thank you for giving a home to rescue cats!

    • Pam Davis Pam Davis on Nov 29, 2017
      Thanks Elaine. They are so easy to love. Wish we could save them all.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Nov 29, 2017
    We have a friend who swears that it is a scientific fact... that white cat hairs are only attracted to black clothes and vice versa.. LOL
    We have 5 cats from light to dark... and a dog... and I identify with your dilemma... I have (some) success by using a fabric softener in the wash AND drier sheets in the dryer (bounce) (it is very dry here in AZ..static is a fact of life)... sometimes a vinegar rinse will help remove the soap residue left in the fabrics... Most of the fabrics we seem to buy have very little nap and the hairs sort of brush off...

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    • 27524803 27524803 on Nov 30, 2017
      If you hang clothes outside... run them in the dryer on at least a medium setting (heat activates the dryer sheet) with a dryer sheet or two... for about 15 min or so.... to remove any loose cat hair ( I will run my blankets in the dryer several times a week on the "refresh" or "touch up" setting to keep the hair from embedding in the fabric so much... helps keep it out of my nose when sleeping

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Nov 29, 2017
    We have a long haired cat, and two short haired cats. They all shed equally bad! The best advise, brush them often. And the first time, and then about once a month, use a dethatching type brush to get that hair that lies against the skin. You will probably never get rid of all the loose hair, but you can cut it down quite a bit

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    • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Nov 29, 2017
      I have a couple 20+ pound cats too, so I completely understand!!

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Nov 29, 2017
    I wear my cat hair with pride, as should you!  You are an angel among men and cats.

  • Billie K Billie K on Nov 30, 2017
    We only have 2 cats, so I can't complain. But we purchased a air purifier last year, and it seems to control the amount of cat hair and dander in our home. Still have to clean the filters though.

  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Nov 30, 2017
    This is the best little brush I have found to remove pet hair! Works beautifully! They make other rubber brushes as well.

  • Jokarva Jokarva on Nov 30, 2017
    We have 6 cats, all rescues, and I use the slightly dampened rubber glove...mainly because I'm cheap, and we always have gloves around. Your cats are beautiful and so very lucky. My husband and I volunteer at a cat rescue once a week, and I work with our local tnr group. There's such a need for homes for these cats, thank you for providing a good one.

  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Nov 30, 2017
    Suellen has the ultimate solution. Live with cats, look like your wardrobe is made of hair...

  • Ashleyfox22 Ashleyfox22 on Dec 09, 2017
    They make rubber brushes /squeegees that work great on almost anything . really awesome on furniture too . Im constantly battling cat and dog hair in my house so an air purifier is a must also . good luck ☺

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Mar 06, 2021

    Hi Pam, I just saw your question and we have 4 long-haired purr babies and always used duct tape to pick up their hair on our couches and clothes. It's really effective and quick.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jun 06, 2021

    Hello there,

    Brush the cats and vac them as part of the fussing time, so they get used to it!

    Take off the cat hairs before the clothes go into the washer with Sellotape!