Clean a white gold diamond ring

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  • Leslie Florence Leslie Florence on Feb 28, 2018
    try toothpaste

  • Debby Dale Debby Dale on Feb 28, 2018
    I use dawn dish detergent and hot water. I put the detergent in a small container with a lid pour in the hot water, put the ring in , give it a gentle shake, and then let it sit for a while. If your ring is dirty, just gently swirl the rings in the mixture several times. Rinse in hot water and dry and polish with a clean cloth, preferably soft cotton like a tee shirt.

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Feb 28, 2018
    The best way to clean your ring is to make a solution with warm water (almost hot) and dishwashing soap. Soak your ring for about 20 to 40 minutes, gently brush the stone with a very soft toothbrush, and then rinse under warm running water. If needed, repeat.

  • Phi31839332 Phi31839332 on Feb 28, 2018
    I have been cleaning my diamond solitaire with ammonia and a soft toothbrush, then rinsing with hot water and drying . The stone and white gold look as beautiful as they did when given to me 49 years ago!

  • Mary Midden Mary Midden on Feb 28, 2018
    Jewelers used Clorox water.

  • Ann Cherkas Halstead Ann Cherkas Halstead on Feb 28, 2018
    Most jewelry store will clean it for free.

  • M. M.. M. M.. on Mar 01, 2018
    Don't use clorox or any bleach on diamonds. Yes, diamonds are hard, but the cutting of their facets can expose the stones to damage by bleach, and no cut stone is 100% flawless.