Getting rid of the smell of cat urine in a crawlspace

by Anne
and keeping cats out.
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    • Debbie Johnsson Debbie Johnsson on Oct 15, 2019

      Vinegar doesn't always work though.

      It only works on the most basic of stains if you ask me.

      One of my 2 cats (both neutered males) had taken to painting all of my walls, furniture, and anything else he could reach. I was horrified when I got a UV light. He never did that in all of the 9 years I've had him and didn't when I got him a buddy (they love each other and did so right away) but when a strange black cat started showing up outside both of my cats went nuts and the older one (9) started his wall painting, as well as the curtains out in the kitty room. I couldn't keep up with it.

      My cats are indoor cats so it's not like the stray is actually going to get in here but they both hate him (and he is neighbor's cats hate him too). I've tried cleaning with a pet urine enzyme and then spraying some "No More Spraying" but that hasn't worked. He's a sneaky little bugger too; he waits until he thinks I'm not looking and then does it. He's learned that the minute I see him backing his butt up to something he gets yelled at.

      It wasn't until I found "Cat Spraying No More" that I was able to finally get rid of this tiresome behavior.

      Now my house doesn't smell like a litter box anymore :)

      Here's a link the their site if you're interested in checking it out:

      I hope you guys don't mind me sharing this. Cheers!

  • Cat urine as well as doggy type can become quite offensive particularly when it gets damp or hot out. There are products that will neutralize the odor quite well. We use a product called Natures Miracle its a enzyme naturalizing chemical that will remove the odor. But some of the odor may also be coming from the feces if that is also under the crawl area. So be sure to remove that as well if any is found. To assure your getting it all borrow or purchase a black light and use it to see the pee. It will glow a green color and identify all the areas where the kitty has been before. You will be surprised on where you will find it. Walls and ceilings if they were marking their area. Anything that glows needs to be sprayed and wetted down well with the chemical. Once done air it out well and the odor should subside. To keep them out, You need to screen the area off so they cannot get back under. If not, they will return.
  • Anne Anne on Apr 28, 2014
    Thank you! I'll see if I can get it in Canada.
  • Ricardo Martinez Ramos Ricardo Martinez Ramos on Apr 28, 2014
    Diluted vinegar in a spray bottle does wonders for the smell. Instant vanish. As for deterrent my friend swears by Cayenne pepper sprinkled on the area. Mind you if you have a light coloured carpet it may stain so try a small corner first.
  • Anne Anne on Apr 28, 2014
    Thanks! I will get the pepper - it's a 1200 sq ft crawlspace with dirt floor - was very attractive to a feral cat this winter when it was so bitterly cold.
  • Rustic & Refined Rustic & Refined on Apr 29, 2014
    Coffee grounds! Many years ago my mom rented a townhouse where the owner had cats (like 4!) and the bathroom reaked. She tried everything until a friend suggested coffee grounds. She sprinkled them liberally! and then closed the door for a week. The bathroom smelled like coffee grounds for about a month but after that? Nothing, no cat pee smell or litterbox either.
  • Anne Anne on Apr 29, 2014
    Thank you! I'll try that. My crawl space is about 1200 sq feet with a dirt floor - and coffee grounds HAS to smell better than it does now! lol
  • Chris Chris on Apr 04, 2018

    I just had a huge problem with this and wanted to share what happened to me. I had a cat pee smell in my crawl space and watched some videos from so called experts. I ended up following the advice from this so called Crawl Space Ninja and ripped up my crawl space. He told me that was the cause of the smell. Unfortunately, that was a lie.

    The true cause of the smell was the soil. This mistake cost me thousands and I don't want it to happen to anyone else. If you have a cat pee smell in your crawl space and have vapor barriers down, it's likely not your vapor barrier as I was told.

    This article explains what happened to me.

    Take my advice, if your crawl space smells like cat pee, you need to sample your soil. I don't want anyone to go through the trouble I did that led me to financial turmoil. Don't mean to vent, but people will tell you anything to get your money.

    • Lindsey Lindsey on Apr 07, 2021

      So what was the solution after testing the soil as the article mentions?

  • Jmh Jmh on Dec 15, 2020

    Chris. What did you end up doing to fix the problem?