How can get rid of pets smell at home?


My house smells of pets, please let me know how to clean a dog bed and keep the house smelling fresh, thanks!

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  • Wash and/or brush your pets regularly. Clean clean clean. Some days it seems like that is all I do. Blankets and toys are washed after they have been taken outside or once a week. I wash their bedding once a week, and depending on the use, all beds get washed once a month or sooner. I wash the walls once a month too. I have a lot of pets, so I vacuum just about every day and mop the kitchen floor every night before bed. Here is a link with helpful tips.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 03, 2018
    If it is urine smell, more than likely it has soaked into the flooring. The only remedy is to remove carpet and padding, take out and replace any damaged sub-flooring, then seal the entire area with Kilz and recarpet.

    If wood flooring, every flooring person I have heard recommends replacement!

    If it is just a dirty doggie smell, you have to clean, clean, clean. Not just spray some stuff around and vacuum, but take things outside and air them out and clean. Rugs must be washed, furniture sprayed with Odoban or Febreez and left out on a porch to air out. Even wool rugs can be washed. Use cold water, vinegar and soda...and lots of water! Scrub dirty spots with a brush or broom.

    If you have a railing outside, you can hang rugs over railing, scrub away dirty spots and let the rain clean them.

  • Kim Kim on Jan 03, 2018
    This can be tricky with some pets who are really stinky! A weekly bath in MILD pet soap so that you don’t cause skin irritation can help.
    Daily floor cleaning, weekly pet bed washing, keeping animals off of upholstery, and airing out the house can all help with the cause of the smell. To cover the smell, Fabreeze makes a pet odor version that can help in a pinch.

  • Mar10265939 Mar10265939 on Jan 03, 2018
    A good airpurifer will do the trick,this is something you can use the year round in your home ! it will even destroy skunk oder !! I won't be without one !!