How do you clean a bathtub using citric acid?

by Sle2004002
How do you clean a bathtub using citric acid and hot water? I saw it on this site, but cannot find it now. I can't remember if there was more ...... soap, maybe?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 17, 2015
    I think it is just baking soda in with the water and acid. Then follow up with a mild soap and water.
  • B. Enne B. Enne on Nov 17, 2015
    I mix equal mounts of vinegar and cheap bottled lemon juice ($ store), and then add a few squirts of dishwashing liquid, and a bit of water in the neck of a spray bottle. I have been using this for over 6 months and I will never buy bathroom or kitchen spray again. It is also good for repelling ants.
  • Sle2004002 Sle2004002 on Nov 17, 2015
    Thanks to all for the good tips! Will try each one and see what works the best for our hard water.
  • Roberta Roberta on Nov 17, 2015
    The ONLY thing that has worked for me, to clean those "plastic" shower stalls and tubs is DAP or is it DEP (?) Citrus Cleaner (from Home Depot). Steps: (1) Using a medium scrub brush, and full strength Citrus Cleaner, thoroughly scrub down scummy areas -- let sit for 15 mins. (2) Add more Citrus Cleaner, on top of the old, and repeat step #1, but rinse off, right after this second application & scrubbing. (3)Very, using a household detergent/laundry detergent/similar soapy liquid, wash off the residue of the oily Citrus Cleaner, so no one falls in your freshly cleaned tub/shower. (4) If you are an A-type, you need to dry it with a bath towel, so that you can admire your new-looking tub/shower. This is a time-consuming job, but worth it. We don't do it often, but when we can't stand the look any longer, it's time to get out the Citrus Cleaner.
  • JOHNNY JOHNNY on Nov 18, 2015
    CITRIC ACID WILL DESTROY YOUR PORCELIN FINISH ON THE TUB, UNLESS YOUR PREPING IT EPOXY COATING. TO CLEAN MICRO WAVE VINEGAR 2-3 MINUES, PLACE IN SPREY BOTTEL W/ DISH SOAP ( DAWN) SHAKE AND SPREY RATIO OF MIX 2-3 :1 VINEGAR; detergent . allow to set over night, water cleaning w/ sponge w/ scrubber. ,may take several times depending stains severity. also if you have etched the porcelain, the tub will always get , show being dirty since you have made the porcelain pour is