How to get candle wax out of glass jara

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  • Lynn Guy Lynn Guy on May 07, 2018
    Put it in the freezer; wax should pop right out.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on May 07, 2018
    Palet knife then hot water and w/up liquid.

  • Susan Susan on May 07, 2018
    How to get red wax off a carpet

    • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 09, 2021

      Freeze it off, or maybe try, Loads of kitchen wipe paper towel and a warm iron to try to draw it out?

  • Katie Yeh Katie Yeh on May 07, 2018
    I would put a thin towel down over the wax spot and lightly iron back and forth untill the wax has melted. This is how to get wax off fabric. The towel should obsorb the melted wax. Just be careful not to have the iron too hot, it may melt your carpet. Try out in an inconspicuous area first. Go slowly and use a thicker towel at first to be sure your protecting the carpet from too much high heat.

  • Shay Johnson Shay Johnson on May 07, 2018
    Put the candle in the feezer if need be it will be able to chop or either fall out.

  • Kathy Kathy on May 07, 2018
    Put it in the freezer, when the wax freezes it is easily broken up into pieces and easy to remove. Once most of the wax is gone I have had success soaking the jar in warm soapy water and using a brush to remove the residue. (make sure your glass jar is no longer COLD!!) You may have to soak it a couple of times. I have learned to not try to hurry this cleaning project. Hope that helps!!

  • Liv Liv on May 07, 2018
    Use the frezer method.

  • Generally, I put them in the fridge or freezer then the wax gets brittle and you can chip it out.

  • Catrina Catrina on Aug 18, 2021

    Boil water in a tea pot and pour water into candle. If it's alot of wax you may have to use a spoon or knife along rim to allow another dose of hot water to seep under all wax. After a couple tries all the wax should slide right out.