Asked on Mar 08, 2018

How to make "fake" pearls look nice again?

by Mejosp
I have this silver ring, which unfortunately has "fake" small round pearls. As you can see from the picture, the white coating is coming off of them. I really love the setting and would like to repair these fake pearls, (they are only glued on). I am thinking to have to use something to actually "paint" them? any suggestions?
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  • Red26480679 Red26480679 on Mar 08, 2018

    use a pearl color finger nail polish the use clear top coat.

    • Mejosp Mejosp on Mar 09, 2018

      Now THAT i have at home!!!!! LOL Thanks for the suggestion

  • Cindy Cindy on Mar 08, 2018

    After giving some thought to your problem, I think the best way to repair the ring is to paint the pearls, without taking them off of the ring. Redrock had a really good idea about using nail polish and clear coat. That's what I would do. Best of luck to you.

  • Janice Janice on Mar 08, 2018

    The nail polish is what I was thinking too. And a clear coat or two to finish. Intricate work, though, to make it look really nice!

  • I agree with all previous suggestions. Nail Polish is what I thought of before I saw the picture and everyone's responses.

  • William William on Mar 08, 2018

    How about cleaning the silver first! Then go with the nail polish suggestion from Redrockspringsranch for the pearls.

    I sell a lot of silver on Ebay. Jewelry, silverware, serving sets. Silver polish like Wrights and dips like TarnX tend to remove some of the metal. The foil method doesn't work that great and still leaves a grey film that still needs to be removed. I use white toothpaste (not gel) and a damp toothbrush. For large items I use a damp cloth. Also works on copper, brass, gold, porcelain, ceramics, sneakers, plastics, etc. For my sales I needed one product for cleaning everything.

    • Mejosp Mejosp on Mar 09, 2018

      thanks for the reply William. especially the info regarding silver polishing, and now i know what to use on my brass pieces too!!!

  • Connie Quine Connie Quine on Mar 09, 2018

    You can actually buy mother of pearl acrylic paint at the craft store. Look for it with the other high end paint products there, such as the gold leafing or silver paint, usually locked up.

  • Mejosp Mejosp on Mar 09, 2018

    Thanks connie, didn't know about that. will give that a try

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Mar 09, 2018

    You can buy pearl fingernail polish that looks good. And it comes with its own paintbrush! But clean the ring itself with baking soda and a soft toothbrush before you paint the pearls. ☺️

  • Nancy Nancy on Mar 13, 2018

    If you really love the ring, I would clean it up and then take it to a bead store and see if you can’t replace the fake pearls there. They could probably help you fix the setting.

    Just as nail polish will eventually chip on your nails it will probably chip on your pearls so don’t waste your time and effort.