Mold on foam bath mat

How do I clean it, or do I throw it out?

  5 answers
  • Wash with vinegar, rinse well, let dry out. Does your bathroom have enough ventilation? That may be part of the problem.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 03, 2018
    Don't leave it sit on the floor if it is wet. Put it over a towel rack or on the shower curtain rod to dry. Make sure you clean the floor underneath the bath mat with vinegar to make sure you get any spores that came off the bath mat.

  • Cindy Cindy on Jan 03, 2018
    You can clean the mat with a solution of bleach and water. A tablespoon of bleach mixed in approx. 3 cups water. Scrub the mat with an old toothbrush and then rinse it. Hang it to dry.

  • Karen Karen on Jan 03, 2018
    Throw it out! Then when you get a new one, follow above suggestions. Always move the mat after shower/bath. I use the suction cups to attach it to different areas of the shower wall tiles inbetween showers.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 04, 2018
    Try washing it with vinegar