Old countertop, dirty gunk in texture. How to Clean?

Leah Benson
by Leah Benson
Crippled up elderly lady had this house. The texture in the counter top is nasty how do I scrub it clean. I have tried comet and a scrub brush with so-so results. I don't like using harsh chemicals. Any suggestions?
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  • Dee Dee on Nov 23, 2013
    Did you try Dawn and white vinegar? Heat 1 c vinegar in the microwave. Add 1 c original blue Dawn dish soap. Stir GENTLY to mix. Spray on surface, let sit for 5-10 min, then go at it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You may have to repeat, but I'll bet this works!
    • Leah Benson Leah Benson on Nov 25, 2013
      @Dee Thanks Dee, I haven't had a chance yet but I will give it a shot after I get to the grocery store to get some dawn. I really appreciate all of your comments. I'm sure one will work.
  • Pamela Withrow Pamela Withrow on Nov 23, 2013
    don't know if this will help, but my Mother recently broke her hip & was in rehab 2 months after hip replacement & then I moved home for one month to help her get on her feet again. I discovered that after nearly 50 years of frying most foods over the years, I discovered her Formica cabinet tops were actually sticky! Nothing my brothers had tried worked & since there was nothing to lose, I sprayed the tops with "Awesome" cleanser that softened the goo even more so that a razor-blade scrapper like I use to clean up my glass cook-top stove just rolled off a thick layer that looked & felt more like a shellac surface being peeled off in strips! It was gross & exciting too. Beneath this mess was a clean, smooth surface which must have been similar to the new Formica when first put on. It was great!
    • Leah Benson Leah Benson on Nov 24, 2013
      @Pamela Withrow Thank you Pam, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The problem is this counter is textured and the gunk is down in the grooves. But, I will look for that awesome cleanser and give it a shot. Leah B
  • Lemor Sidis Lemor Sidis on Nov 24, 2013
    Try using a steamer!
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Nov 24, 2013
    I agree with Pam . It also might be the finish is becoming gummy it also happens to cabinets, her idea makes sense to me and I would also try the cleaner she suggested, I was going to suggest another one but hers is better.
  • Leah Benson Leah Benson on Nov 24, 2013
    I don't have one, but hot water from the tea kettle may work. Thank you for the idea. LB
  • Amber Amber on Nov 25, 2013
    Magic eraser is made for texture surfaces
  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Nov 25, 2013
    I also love magic erasers (they even have a knock off at the dollar store). Before you go nuts, try something that's a great degreaser like Dawn detergent. My first thought, honestly, was the stuff that took the gunk off my kitchen floor in all the little scratches and pits that form - Mr. Bubble (I swear, it works). It's easy to use (all of the mentioned) and not horrible chemically.
    • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Nov 25, 2013
      @Cynthia H Sorry, I meant Scrubbing Bubbles (the bathroom cleaner). Sigh, it's been a long Monday.
  • Leah Benson Leah Benson on Nov 26, 2013
    Thank you all. I'll let you know when I see what works. I really appreciate your responses. :)
  • Leah Benson Leah Benson on Nov 30, 2013
    I finally got it done Thanksgiving morning. I used the Dawn dish soap and hot vinegar with a Mr. Clean kitchen sponge. I think I actually now know what color the counters really are. LOL. The walls are hopeless, I'm just going to have to paint them. Thank you all for all your help. Leah
  • Toopie Toopie on Feb 11, 2024

    I have textured laminate counter tops and its so dirty looking,,,how can I clean it without damaging the finish

  • Janice Janice on Feb 11, 2024

    Years ago when I had textured formica counters, I found the secret to keeping them looking nice was to dry them extremely well each time I wiped them clean.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 11, 2024


  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 11, 2024

    Another vote for Awecon cleaner from the dollar store. It is a great product.

  • Betsy Betsy on Feb 11, 2024

    Hi Leah: I had a similar problem with my mom's counters. What I used was L.A.'s Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner. Just follow the directions on the container and you should be good to go. Here's the site where it's sold, and I'd buy the refill as it's larger and the same amount of money :) It's the first 2 products shown. DollarTree.com Click on the blue words here and the site will come up beneath it and then just hit enter.

    Good luck