Reaccuring water stains on ceiling

I am experiencing re-occurring water stains on my ceiling. I wipe off stains, yet the stain will show up again. I have checked my crawl space and there are no sign of leaking water in the crawl space. This problem is becoming a nuisance. Any suggestions that the DIY community has.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 03, 2018
    have you checked the roof for any water leaks?

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on May 03, 2018
    Paint over the stain with "Stain block" from DIY and then overpaint.

  • Lindy Lindy on May 03, 2018
    I think that if it is a stain it could not just be wiped off. That would indicated it was a smudge of dirt or some surface substance. A stain would require that you use something like Kilz over it --maybe 2 coats even-- which would block the stain from showing through. Then repaint the entire area so that it matches.

  • BonBon BonBon on May 03, 2018
    sounds like condensation. Is it coming out around air vent? We have just started having that problem. Only in summer when AC is running all the time (live in FL).

  • Karla Karla on May 03, 2018
    Our water leaks on our ceilings was an indication that our roof was leaking somewhere.

  • Mary Mary on May 03, 2018
    There is a leak somewhere for sure. Try putting a cookie sheet in the attic above the stain. Check after a rain. When you get the water leak fixed be sure to use a stain blocker where the. Wiling is stained before painting it. Otherwise the stain will come through.

  • Sarah Barganier Sarah Barganier on May 03, 2018
    Do you have central heat & air and is the stain under the unit in you attic? My neighbor had that problem and it was caused by the pan under the unit that catches the water pulled out of the air not draining; her ceiling eventually fell.