What product do I use to clean silver jewelry that I cannot scrub?


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  • Betty Albright-Bistrow Betty Albright-Bistrow on Nov 22, 2018

    Hi Monique! I love silver and have a lot of pieces that are sentimental to me. I do use a cloth to polish mine, but there are polishes out there too which I will include here as well.


    And this link is for the cleaners:


  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Nov 22, 2018

    White toothpaste,toothbrush,small bottle brushes and warm water. That's how I do all mine.No chemicals,sonic cleaners. Keeping silver in air tight conditions keeps it from tarnishing. Zip lock baggies.

  • William William on Nov 22, 2018

    I sell a lot of silver on Ebay. Jewelry, silverware, serving sets. Silver polish like Wrights and dips like TarnX tend to remove some of the metal. The foil method doesn't work that great and still leaves a grey film that still needs to be removed. I use white toothpaste (not gel) and a damp toothbrush. For large items I use a damp cloth. Also works on copper, brass, gold, porcelain, ceramics, sneakers, plastics, etc. For my sales I needed one product for cleaning everything. Toothpaste must be dampened for it to work. You don't brush your teeth dry!

  • Susan Puryear Susan Puryear on Nov 22, 2018

    I have several pieces of liquid silver; specifically necklaces that consist of 50 to 100 stands of liquid silver. For those not familiar, liquid silver comes from the South West USA, NM and AZ. It is made of sterling silver heshe (tiny cylindrical) beads (native American jewelry) that are strung on fishing line. When the strands move they appear to be liquid silver. Due to the delicacy of the necklaces, they cannot be scrubbed. Also, paste silver polish is difficult to remove from between the beads.

    The jeweler told me to spray the necklace with Windex and gently wipe it dry. This works.

    But, it is also necessary to protect the silver from tarnish when not wearing it. For this purpose I purchased Pacific Silver Cloth, a special brown fabric that prevents silver tarnish, and made pouches to store my silver jewelry in. My jewelry box was also specifically made for silver and is lined in Pacific Silver Cloth.

  • Monique Monique on Nov 22, 2018

    Thank you so much

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